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Two random facts for you today:

  1. I am beyond picky when it comes to clothing.  Annoyingly picky. 
  2. I love matching my little gingersnap Harlow.  Love. 

So when I picked up Harlow a denim jacket from H&M last year, I’ll be honest: I was a little envious.

Now let me back up a bit….

I have a vivid memory of a denim jacket I had in middle school.  I felt like it was too short and too wide and didn’t fit me right.  I was so self conscious —what middle schooler isn’t, really–because the fit was just so terrible.  And sadly, that has kind of been my relationship with denim jackets since.

Yes.  Relationship.  I take this stuff seriously, ya’ll.  And I haven’t owned a denim jacket since.

No. Sir.

denim jacket hunt

But then I saw how Harlow’s jacket fit her, and it gave me hope.

Goodness, after a sappy gush-fest to a sewing machine yesterday and talking about hope and a denim jacket today…. y’all are going to think I’ve lost it….

My friend posted about the dream of a jacket her sister found, and I immediately texted her asking if it was really that great.  I warned her that I am a denim jacket snob…a skeptic of any denim jacket existing that is worth buying in this world.

So believe her, I didn’t — I thought the photo used in the listing made it look short and boxy, but I really had become set on finding myself a denim jacket that was well made, fit right and wasn’t a ton of money.  So off to shop was I, determined to find a denim jacket that was perfect.  Instead, I determined a few things:

  1. Having a long torso makes finding a well-fitting denim jacket more difficult.
  2. Having narrow shoulders makes finding a well-fitting denim jacket more difficult.
  3. When you go out on a hunt to find a very specific perfect item….you rarely find it.  Am I right?  jeans shopping anyone?

Yup.  I came up short.  So I decided to wait until the jacket Kate recommended went on sale again, and I scooped it up.

It arrived…..and I am a changed woman.  Believe her, I did.

Goodness sakes I am an embarrassment to myself.  These pregnancy hormones (and perhaps all the fruit flies in my kitchen)… yikes!  I am gushing about a denim jacket.  

denim jacket hunt-5the jacket

I’m so smitten with it.  It fits well — shorter than I prefer most items to be, but slim enough to feel correct.  The denim is thick and well made.  I love that it’s classic, yet it has tiny details along the button closure to add just enough of something different to make it unique.  And it comes in a worn denim like I have or a brighter blue denim — so now we can all go out and buy this beauty without fear, because you won’t really match everyone…just half. :) Just kidding.

But in all seriousness, here are a few things I learned while trying on denim jackets and scrutinizing them to pieces:

  1. Grab a few sizes — I liked almost every jacket I tried on in a size smaller than my typical go-to.
  2. Wear your favorite pair of denim if you think there is a chance you’d ever want to do the double-denim thing. :)  (I love this denim wash with my dark Hudson maternity jeans!)
  3. Look for fun details!  You know I love timeless, yet unique pieces of clothing.
  4. Grab a dress and a few items at the store to try on with your jacket — make sure you like it with a dress as much as with a pair of jeans or skinnies.  I love the versatility of dressing a jacket like this up or down, but you need to feel confident in it, or you will still to one look.  And that’s just boring. 

Update — I purchased an XS!  I love how it fits!


And then when your daughter asks if she can match you for church, you can answer with a resounding, yes!  

denim jacket hunt-9


I rounded up a few jackets that you might want to check out!

And if you’re feeling a little splurgy…

And of course some toddler styles — since H&M isn’t carrying Harlow’s anymore!  I really wish I would have snatched up one size up while they still did!


So there you have it — a gushfest to a sewing machine named Tina and my love for a denim jacket….all in one week, people.  Are you a denim jacket wearer?  or were you tainted by an ill-fitting jacket in middle school too?  There is hope for you yet, I promise.

Happy Wednesday!  Fun tutorial for you tomorrow — huzzah!



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