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Today marks 30 weeks!  CRAZYTOWN.

You can read my thoughts in my last bump-date here!

  • Um….remember how I said I had lazy babies-in-utero?  Well, I think baby Boy heard me say that — or he reads my blog? Hmph. — and now I swear he’s bruising me.  I am so caught off guard by his punches and kicks, I’ve said “ow!” out loud a few times.  Sweet Harlow is always very concerned when I do, and told him the other day to “do only gentle kicks baby brother.”  Already perfecting her big sister skills!
  • I’m definitely hitting the stage where I am starving…eat two bites…and I’m full.
  • I could eat eggs, goat cheese and avocado at every meal.  Some days I do.  
  • I pushed it too much during our Saturday in New York City and woke up to some painful contractions Sunday morning.  Thankfully it was probably from being dehydrated, and I drank so much water I was wishing I had a catheter (I kid, I kid.) and he was back to his punching and kicking self.

  • I know I keep saying it, but dang is being pregnant in the summer a whole new ballgame.  I kind of miss layering on the cardigans and sweatpants.  90 degrees doesn’t exactly allow for that.  I’ve been living in these shortswait for a sale — if they aren’t being washed, I’m probably wearing them.
  • I am so thankful for friends pushing me out the door in this heat.  It’s so easy for me to be a complete homebody — and Harlow is a lot like me in that way — but I always feel so much better after we just get out for a bit.
  • I never really took advantage of “pregnancy perks” when I was pregnant with Harlow, but I’m all about them this time around.  A little PSA for any of y’all heading to New York anytime soon:  TKTS bumps preggos to the front of the line.  We didn’t end up purchasing tickets, but I was pulled out of line and told, “miss, we don’t make woman that are pregnant wait in line.  Feel free to go stand in the front.”  *high kicks & happy dance!!*

  • I am using just about every excuse in the book to go on dates with this gingersnap beauty.  I cannot wait for more kids to be added to our crew, but goodness am I thankful for this one who made me a mama.  I am so thankful for this time that we’ve had with her, and I love the habits of dates we’ve begun.  I hope to continue these traditions with each of our children, no matter how many little ones end up in the mix.   I plan on telling each of my kids they are my favorite all the time, because it’s the truth. 
  • I find myself already nesting, but in weird ways.  I definitely cannot wait to get baby boy’s little mini-nursery set up in our room along with details in the room he’ll be sharing with Harlow.  I also have all sorts of sewing projects and things I want to tackle:  some ideas are still in my head and others are sketched out in multiple moleskines throughout my house and purses.  I have a moleskine problem.  I know.  


  • I don’t knit much in the summer, it’s always been a curl-up-on-the-couch-while -it-is-cold-outside activity for me.  Sew in the summer with the sun pouring in and knit in the winter with the snow falling down.  It’s the perfect rotation in my opinion.  Well, but then I decided baby boy needed some boots like his big sister had when she came home from the hospital.  And then I found saw this chartreuse yarn sitting in my closet and it was practically begging me to use it.   So I did.  

Psst!  I might have just made an extra pair that I may sell via a quick instagram sale.. .just maybe. :)


  • We went to Vancouver on a “babymoon” when I was pregnant with Harlow, and while we knew we didn’t want to do anything extravagant, we are trying diligently to steal away time for just the two of us.  So many friends made it possible for us to get away for 2 days…well, it turned into three.  It was so good.  It was so needed.  And goodness, I love this man of mine.


  • I’ve found myself being a bit more conscious about slowing down and just soaking up these little moments of kicks and punches.  I wonder if it’s because I have Harlow constantly loving on her brother?  Or if it’s because we know he’s a he?  And we can refer to him as such?  Oh, you’re wondering if I’m still in shock that we are having a boy?  Yup.  Still am amazed and in shock daily!
  • Hormones.  Emotions.  Some days I just cry.  At commercials…the news…youtube ads…who knows what.  It’s pathetic, y’all.

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