Okay, so I might be exaggerating a little bit about these earrings being from heaven, but I think they are pretty darn close to the best thing ever.

You don’t have to be around for very long to know that when it comes to things made from leather you don’t have to twist my arm.  Couple that with gorgeous and unique jewelry pieces?  Yes. Yes. Yes.

See, here is the deal.  I never wear earrings.  Well, not really dangly ones very often.  My ears are small, and I’ve done some lovely damage on those sweet ear piercings of mine.  I’ve had the worst of the two mended, because every time I wore earrings, it looked like they would tear through at any moment.

I’m painting a beautiful picture for y’all, aren’t I?  Yeeps.

I’ll stop there.  You get the idea.

Well these earrings?  Angels sing when I wear them — they are as light as a feather and don’t weigh down my earlobes at all.  I don’t get a headache, and I’m not constantly worrying about causing more damage to my ears.  I’ve received so many comments about them — often followed by, “I never see you wearing earrings!”  Huzzah!  You will now!

You can read more about Kilee and Soren’s story of Nickel and Suede here.  My favorite part of how Nickel and Suede came to be had me nodding along in agreement — Kilee was definitely on to something, and I’m happy she didn’t just call it a day and not move forward!

As she attached the hooks, she could see that the look was perfect; what she didn’t expect was that they felt even better than they looked! The leather was so lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. They didn’t pull on her ears, cut into her neck, or even make a sound. Soon, Kilee started wearing these leather earrings exclusively. When she realized she was even wearing them to mow the lawn because she couldn’t even feel them, she knew she was onto something. (Excerpt from Nickel and Suede About Us)

Below are two of my current favorites from Nickel and Suedeoh, and don’t you go anywhere! I have a coupon code and giveaway for you!


I am wearing the Nickel and Suede Metallic Gold in size medium.  Each earring design is available in 3 sizes — you can see details to help you choose in her size chart.


Did someone say coral?  Yes please!  I’ve probably said this before, but it’s very common for me to have an entire load of just corals to wash during the week.

I know.  I have a problem. 

I am wearing the Coral Leather in medium — these. are. my. favorite.  I love how they immediately make me look and feel put together, even if I’m just wearing a t-shirt and denim.  See?  heaven. I told you.


Ready to go shopping?  I’m scooping up more of these to keep on hand as gifts!  They are so perfectly priced — and I’m about to make that price even better. 

Use the coupon code COCONUT15 for 15% off your entire order!


And now for the best part: the giveaway!  Two pair of earrings (you pick!) for THREE of you!

Enter below!

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