Oh, the ever-growing pregnancy bump….and the sad reality that I can’t just walk around in my birthday suit in this heat.

Just kidding.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I ruined a lot of clothes when I was pregnant with Harlow due to stretching them beyond where they should be stretched…. oops.  I guess you can look at what you’d rather spend on: a few maternity items… or new tops after you’ve stretched them silly during pregnancy.

This time around, I decided to pack away clothes almost immediately.  I have really trimmed down my closet to hold only clothes that I’m wearing regularly and love, so I didn’t want to chance wearing them too long and stretching them out.  Instead, I’ve subscribed to a few stores that I know run great deals and discounts, and I’ve watched like a hawk for items in my wishlists to hit the sale lists.  I also bought and started wearing maternity clothes almost immediately — why not?! I’ve found that I feel so much better at the end of the day, because I’m not trying to squeeze into pants or tops that are squishing on that belly all day.  It’s almost funny to look back at my pregnancy with Harlow — I could have been so much more comfortable if I had just moved on to maternity stuff earlier on.

Well…. I also forget that my abs weren’t totally shot when I was pregnant with her….so it took a bit longer for this bump to start actually being anything of a bump!  Yay for broken abs. ;)

Okay! So today I wanted to share a few of the places I’ve found to be great places to find your maternity basics, awesome sales and even some fun and more unique statement pieces!  None of this information is earth-shattering, but I hope it helps you feel more confident in finding a few great pieces to get you through your 40 weeks! (And after!  Maternity clothes are so post-partum friendly!)

I also love finding tops and dresses that are nursing friendly — I’ll try to point out necklines and other things to look for if you think that might be important for you as well!




Gap Pure Body Tshirt

I don’t shop at Gap much sans-bump, but their basics have quickly become a pregnancy favorite.  Also?  I want to scream this sale from the rooftops:  75% off!  They keep adding more items….and the prices keep dropping!  Maternity, baby, toddler…everything!  It’s sort of insane.  I’d hurry though, stuff is going quickly.

The Gap Pure Body line is my absolute go-to for maternity basics.  They often go on sale, and I bought the few I have (tshirts and a tank) for less than $10 a piece.

I also love that Gap has a section for nursing-friendly tops as well!

Sales and Deals:  Gap runs sales pretty regularly — both in store and online.  I’m kind of a I-would-like-everything-shipped-to-my-house person, but thankfully all returns can be made at your local Gap.  It takes the fear out of ordering maternity clothing online — you can just return them if needed.




Target Dress (not maternity)

I have a few staples that I think Target hits out of the park for maternity: tank tops and maxi dresses.  Want to know a secret?  Shop the maternity maxi dress section even if you’re not pregnant. :)  I’ve learned that they are a few inches longer and they seem to be made of a higher quality fabric.  I haven’t struggled with the see-through-showing-off-what-you-don’t-want-to-show-off problem I’ve had with other dresses I’ve purchased from Target.

These seamless tank tops are an absolute must in my maternity fashion book.  I still wear the one I bought when I was pregnant with Harlow, because the fabric doesn’t stretch out permanently!  It just bounces right back to where you need it to be.  They are so forgiving on postpartum bodies as well.

Target is also a great place to buy belly bands, if you want to give those a try.  I borrowed one when I was pregnant with Harlow, and I’m so happy I didn’t buy one: I was not a fan.  I felt like I was constantly adjusting my jeans and always worried that my pants were going to fall down or something was being revealed that I was not intending.  Blah.  Just not for me!

Target also has a decent selection of maternity shirts and tops, but I’ve found that if you shop in the store, the selection is incredibly varied and often pretty picked over depending on how quickly they sell maternity.  They also aren’t my favorite shirts or tops — keep reading and I’ll share my favorites.  I keep meaning to…but opening the Target debit card for 5% off and free shipping might be a good idea…. you can always return at the store, which is super convenient.

Sales and Deals:  There are a few ways to save a few dollars at Target.  Opening a debit card will save you an automatic 5%.  There is almost always a sale rack in the maternity section, and you can usually find some basic tshirts there.  I’ve also seen a few coupons via the Target Cartwheel app every once in a while as well.



Old Navy (similar-ishand here is a cute Raglan sleeve dress)

I’ve found that with summer clothes, I need to be picky with my purchases from Old Navy.  If it’s 90+ degrees, the last thing I want to wear is a top so thin that I need to wear another layer underneath.  The price point is definitely less than Gap — and usually Target, since Target doesn’t do regular sales — but I find that I wear the nicer pieces I was able to snatch on sale at Gap a lot more than the tank tops I bought from Old Navy.  But every body is different, and you may find you like how Old Navy fits better!


Sales and Deals:  Old Navy runs sales pretty regularly!  I’m a big “empty the inbox of all sale emails” advocate, but using a service like Unroll.me allows you to see all those emails that clutter your inbox via one daily email.  You can unsubscribe/resubscribe from it as well.  I like to keep an eye on certain items and wait until they run a sale — Old Navy will run a sale… promise.



IMG_7447white on white

ASOS top (similar)

I must have been hiding under a rock, but I only learned about ASOS at the end of last year!  I had noticed it popping up on Pinterest and honestly I assumed it was some high-end-expensive-break-the-bank brand.  Um… opposite.  Their price point is pretty extreme — from very inexpensive to high end.  And they are almost always running sales!

I made my first purchase during a maternity sale — I was a little nervous, but their free shipping and free returns made my worries fly out the window.

They have really affordable maternity swimsuits and I love their selection of dresses, unique tops and colored shorts and skinnies.  It is a great place to find a dress for a baby shower, wedding — or just a fun statement piece to add to your basics collection.


Sales and Deals:  ASOS sends out a lot of emails — and they run a lot of sales!  Add it to your daily email from Unroll..you’ll thank me later. :)



I can’t speak personally for how well H&M maternity clothes fit or hold up, but I’m so pleasantly surprised by their prices.  I’m not sure why I’m surprised, as I think they are usually well priced, but often when you slap “Maternity” in front, the prices double!  Right now they have a great sale going on as well!  Anyone have thoughts on maternity from H&M?  I mean, I guess I should probably buy this or this or this, so I can let you all know what I think, right? ;o)


jeansPicMonkey Collage.jpg

Pink Blush tank top tunic

Pink Blush is an online maternity boutique that was completely new to me until this pregnancy!  You can read more about why I recommend them in my review post!

And there you have it! Some of my favorite places to snag some great deals for maternity clothes.  I know I’ve said it before, but buy a few items early on!  You’ll get more bang for your buck, you won’t potentially ruin your non-maternity clothes….and comfort. comfort. comfort.

I know, I sound like a broken record, but it’s true!

What are some of your favorite places to find maternity deals?  I’d love to hear!






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