Maternity-Fashion-Spend-on-Denim There are definitely a few things that set this pregnancy apart from my first.  Most obvious, is that there is a little boy in there — and I’m still in shock, to be honest.  But here are a few others for you:

  • summer pregnancy vs. winter pregnancy?  WHOA.  Whole new ballgame, people.
  • pregnancy with a toddler running around?  WHOA.
  • the need for maternity pants as early as week four because comfort comfort comfort?  *raises hands* Me! Me! That was absolutely me.

It’s funny to look back on how long I procrastinated wearing anything deemed “maternity” when I was pregnant with Harlow.  I don’t know if I felt like it was some badge of honor to basically ruin perfectly good clothing by stretching it out for nearly 9 months…. but I did it.   This time around?  Gimme that stretchy waistband. I thought it would be fun to share with you all throughout the remainder of this pregnancy where I find it’s best to spend a bit more and where you can really save!  This week is a spend week — but I’ll be sharing some of my tips on how to save on the spend…. does that make any sense at all? :/ hmmph.  And next week I’ll focus on some of my favorite ways to save when it comes to maternity fashion.  It’s all about the denim today.  Skinnies, shorts, white, boyfriend — all of them.


Having a well-fitting pair of jeans is a good foundation to any outfit.  I was determined to find a super cheap pair right away, but felt pretty discouraged as the fit was constantly off and the quality was pretty low.

Now, I don’t want to ignore the fact that every body embraces pregnancy differently, but I think that is all the more reason to feel confident in the jeans you choose to buy.

I ended up at Destination Maternity, and I was blown away by the care and help I was given by their associates.  They were determined to help me find something that I felt confident in — and I was amazed at all the options available.

Buying earlier on in your pregnancy gives you more wearing time as well!

Bonus?  Maternity pants/jeans/shorts are comfortable even when not pregnant, and they especially kind when postpartum.

I wanted to share a few ways that I dressed up and dressed down these white skinnies.  I had tried on some white maternity jeans elsewhere, but never felt like they were very flattering at all.  I fell in love with this pair the minute I put them on — and I had fun pairing them with some inexpensive pieces I had in my closet.  Some items are maternity… some not!


White Jeans + the Blazer

dressed up Andy and I definitely haven’t gone on as many dates this pregnancy as last — babysitters are expensive, yo — but I find that dressing up just a bit more than usual helps me feel more confident with this ever-growing belly.  I am loving blazers right now!  I picked up two casual jersey-fabric blazers this year — this black one from an IG sale and a red one on clearance, and I love how they dress up any outfit.  


White Jeans + the Casual Tee 

casual Especially in the summer, it’s easy to get in the habit of just throwing on comfortable sweats and gym shorts and calling it a day.  I love having simple outfits like this one that are easy to throw on and feel put together.  Having a few solid color maternity shirts is definitely a good thing to have in your closet — unless you’re find stretching out all your non-maternity ones.  (I definitely did that last time around….)  Next week I’ll share more of my favorite bargain places for shirts and how to shop the sales. 


White Jeans + the Now-Too-Short-Dress

casual stripes One thing is for sure about a baby bump: you can only wear shorter non-maternity dresses for so long before they start getting short-sh-short-short-short.  I love pairing some of these pregnancy-friendly dresses with my maternity jeans!  Especially on the days when I’m feeling a bit whale-like in the summer…a longer top or dress covers up the areas I’m not wanting to show off. 

White Jeans + White….with a Pop of Color

white on white You might think, “I can’t wear white while pregnant!”  But try pairing white jeans or pants with a top that has a lot of white as well.  Giving a streamlined look to an outfit with unified color can help to make you look taller.  


White Jeans + Layering

jeans Layering has been key for me this summer!  I’m a bit self conscious about the hips, so pairing a longer tunic with a shorter denim jacket has been perfect for me.  Y’all know this denim jacket wasn’t an easy find… :)

So these are just a few ways that I’ve styled these white jeans!  I completely understand that a spend to one person might be a save to another, but one reason I love Destination Maternity and A Pea in the Pod is that they have such a wide array of prices and styles. In addition to that, they run amazing sales pretty frequently — I have snatched a pair of jeans on clearance and another pair 30% off — it’s definitely a good idea to sign up for their email list right away, so you can keep an eye on current sales!   Right now, they are running a super fun promotion!  When you spend $175 at A Pea in the Pod, you get a $100 giftcard!  Remember that datenight thing I mentioned at the beginning of this post?  Now you’ll have the outfit to rock and dinner taken care of!  (Details here.) How would you style these white skinnies?  Which outfit is your favorite?  Let me know if you have anything you’d like me to include in a future Spend or Save: Maternity Fashion post! xo kaciasignature


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