Yay!! Back with my second Stitch Fix with a bump!  I shared the first with you all, along with a few tips about requesting a Fix while sporting a baby-bump.  Hands down, these two fixes have been my two favorite fixes to date….and let’s just say I’ve received my fair share of fixes.  Oops!

For this fix, I told my stylist about the weekend trip to New York City I had planned for the weekend to surprise Andy!  She sent the greatest items — from ones that were more safe to ones that really push my comfort level!  It was a fun fix to try on!

I’m honestly shocked that these pieces aren’t maternity clothes — they fit and flatter so well, it’s sort of crazy!  And I’m super excited about wearing them all post-baby bump too!  I have a few more thoughts on specific items and what to ask for as I share what I received this time around.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Let’s get to it!


Sepp Belted Maxi Dress


The first piece I tried on was this Sepp Belted Maxi Dress.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like the bold pattern as I took it out from my Fix box, but it was absolute perfection when I put it on.

I actually didn’t realize it came with the belt at first…

Red Maxi no beltRed Maxi with belt

And I loved it then too.  But after putting on the belt, there was no way I could send this one back!  The length is perfect, and I’m not typically a fan of slits in dresses or skirts, but it makes this dress even more wearable for walks and hot summer days.

Bonus:  this dress is the perfect nursing dress because of it’s cross-over bodice neckline.  

I even wore it in the Big Apple as we walked close to five miles around the city this past weekend.

What do you think?  Fan of the red, variegated stripes?  Too bold?

Illina Crochet Detail Dress


I knew I wanted to love this Illina Crochet Detail dress the instant I saw the color.  Coral?  Yes. Yes. Yes. Please!!

I love how chic and sophisticated this dress is — the length isn’t one I usually find flattering on me, but because of the lace at the bottom it somehow works.  I want to play with different belts to wear with it while pregnant, and I’m excited to see how it fits post baby bump.

Coral Brown belt

worn with the belt from my Sepp Maxi Dress

Coral Dress1

sans belt

Coral with mint

worn with a skinny, patent mint belt

Bellatrix Embroidered Detail Maxi Dress


This Bellatrix Embroidered Detail Maxi Dress isn’t one that I would readily grab and bring to a fitting room.  It’s that boho look that I adore on other people, but so rarely find flattering on myself.

I love that my stylist pushes my comfort level a bit by sending items that fit characteristics I love —unique details, long maxi dresses– but pushes me in areas I probably wouldn’t venture myself —think the entire Free People collection.  I always want to pull off those looks, I just never feel like I can!

long white iphone

I love the back on this dress, the embroidery in the front and the sheer bottom of the long, outer skirt.  This dress is so comfortable!

Rana Racerback Cotton Dress


I told my stylist that I would love to wear something for our Saturday evening in the city that I wouldn’t typically wear, and boy did she answer that request!  I adore wearing navy and this was not only comfortable, but the perfect dress to pack.  This Rana Racerback Cotton Dress is made of jersey, so it didn’t wrinkle at all.  I take that back, it’s honestly as thick as a sweatshirt — it’s so awesome.  And the ruching on the sides make it work with a bump….I’m really curious to see how this fits me post bump!

Violette Embroidered Detail Dress


This Violette Embroidered Detail Dress is definitely the most outside my comfort zone — but it’s growing on me.  It’s made of super light cotton, so it’s perfect for hot summers.

The only problem?  It’s….um…. a littttttle bit short.  Like probably-not-appropriate-to-wear-as-a-dress-right-now, short.  I’ve shared how I lengthened a jersey maxi dress, but maybe I need to tackle lengthening a dress like this one, because I do really love how it looks as a dress!  It’s especially flattering over a baby bump!

short white with leggings

With leggings or skinny jeans, it’s perfect!

But then it’s not so wearable as a cool, summer dress.  hmph.

SF bump take two

So what do you think?  Anyone else receiving Fixes while sporting a baby bump?

  • how would you style these pieces?
  • which pieces do you love? hate? meh?
  • if you had to pick only one from this Fix to keep…which would you pick?

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Leave a comment if you have a link to a recent Fix you received! I love seeing what other people are receiving in their Fixes and how they are styling them!


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