Last Friday, we celebrated the wedding of my cousin Chelsey and her new husband Jeffrey!  I have 17 cousins on my mom’s side of the family — she’s one of six kids….born in seven years — and all of the cousins are in a 10 year span.

So, to say it’s a bit of a crazy-awesome-tons-of-family-good-time is a bit of an understatement.  Harlow and I had already made plans to drive out before our time at camp to be there, but when we realized that all 17 cousins were able to attend, we knew we needed Andy out here if possible!  He flew out Friday and for the first time in a long time, he didn’t face any delays or cancellations! Woo hoo!!  Harlow was beyond happy to see her daddy — and this gal was pretttttty psyched to see him too!  We fancied ourselves up for the festivities, and Harlow begged for dancing from the moment we arrived.

She often loves to sit and look through our wedding photos, declaring that I was a princess and daddy was a prince, and so weddings and princesses for her go hand-in-hand.  I’m really not sure where she even knew dancing was something that happened at weddings, but I’m guessing …

princess = Cinderella = dancing at the ball = duh, dancing at the Princess wedding


holding her Babu’s hand.


I packed two dresses for Harlow – coral and cream.  She first chose the cream dress, and then changed her mind when she saw what I was wearing.  “I match you, mommy!”

My dress is from my latest StitchFix!


I learned that the ruffles on Harlow’s dress and the lace on my dress are called “sprinkles.”

I bet you just learned something new today!

These earrings are my favorite!


Harlow is named after my mom’s maiden name, and she absolutely loves her Great Grandma Harlow.  She’s only met her a few times prior, but thanks to photos and Skype, she declared, “there you are, Great Grandma Harlow!”  The minute she saw her.  After we grabbed some pre-dinner popcorn, she informed me that she would be sharing and sitting next to her…not me.


I couldn’t get enough of their giggles and conversation.


Harlow and her new flower-girl friend didn’t give Chelsey much of a break — if they weren’t twirling and spinning, they were running around the reception hall looking for “the pwincess!”  


that’ll work for a family photo.


The day of no-nap, hot weather, constant running and a lot of car-riding finally caught up with her.  Cuddling with mommy was her only request, and I was more than happy to oblige.


annnnnd after a little rest, she was back at it with all of her second cousins.  We unfortunately had to scoot out and make the drive back home to Wisconsin — Harlow was none too please that we had to go, but she was out cold for the drive home within minutes of hopping into the car.





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