Yesterday marked 35 weeks. You can read my first bump-date here and my second bump-date here!


This pregnancy has flown by, but these last days have really been crawling.  No complaints, just wishing my body would sleep when the moon is out instead of just wanting to nap all day! I think at this time during my pregnancy with Harlow, I would have been fine if I have 30 more weeks to go.  I have been blessed with a very easy pregnancy, but I’m feeling a bit more ready to be nearing that end-of-pregnancy mark.


Wondering if I’m still in shock about there being a boy in there?  Answer is yes.  We’ll get that out of the way.  I am beyond excited….and still crazy surprised!


Nights have been my biggest struggle….I just don’t sleep.  I never really had a problem sleeping during my pregnancy with Harls, but this time around it’s been pretty consistent.  This little fact means that afternoon naps have been occurring all too often.  I’m just not a good napper.  I never really wake up from them, so it means the rest of my day is shot.  Blah.  I’m trying to push through the day and just get to bed earlier, but sometimes the sleep truck hits hard at 2-3pm….and I’m out until Harlow wakes up from her nap.


I’m ready for fall.  So ready for fall. 

I’m so emotional.  Goodness it’s really quite ridiculous.  The tears come out of nowhere and the dumbest commercials make me cry.


It hit me earlier this week that diapers and a lot of diaper changing will be occurring in this home very soon.  We live in a very vertical house, and I decided to hear from others who have confront the same challenge in the newborn days.  I received some amazing advice, and I’m leaning towards creating a changing basket that I load up each morning and night.  It’ll be on the first floor throughout the day, most likely, and then in our bedroom at night.  Since our laundry is on the second floor, I’m thinking of getting a small changing table or repurposing something we already have, to put near our laundry along with the diaper pail.

I’m sure this plan will change about 20 times before he arrives and about 57 times after he’s here.  


I never really understood the whole “I’m carrying this baby differently” but I get it now.  Harlow sat more on my back and hips (I think?) and I had a ton of sciatic nerve pain during weeks 30-40.  I also had back labor all through my delivery…. YOUCH.  This kiddo seems to be all out in front, so while I’ve had some weird nerve pain in my right leg, I’m hoping labor is not in my back quite as much…. I’m probably getting my hopes up and should quit dreaming right now, eh?


I’ve struggled a lot these past few weeks with the age gap between Harlow and her little brother.  I’ve read so many articles about positives and negatives regarding all the various “age gaps,” but for some reason it has caused so much mama guilt and tears lately.

My sisters and I are all roughly 20-24 months apart, and I loved that.  I don’t know anything different, so I come up with all sorts of fears (usually while I can’t sleep in the middle of the night).  Their space wasn’t intentional, but it’s the space that we have and it’ll be perfect for us.

I really don’t know why I’m so emotional about it — maybe that’s normal for all age gaps?  But I know I’ll look back on these thoughts when they are the best of friends and laugh at how anxious I was about how it all would play out.

I know we’ll have amazing days and terrible days and days that are just meh and blah and in between — and I look forward to all of it.

wpid15292-IMG_5471-Edit.jpgwpid15284-IMG_5466-Edit.jpg IMG_4165

I’ve been wearing glasses a whole lot more these days — not sure if irritated eyes is a normal pregnancy thing, but they just feel dry and awful most of the time.

Maybe that goes along with that whole not a lot of sleep thing….

I am absolutely loving these new green MIA frames from David Kind!  It’s fun to switch it up!


Harlow adores her brother already.  She loves interacting with him and pretending her belly is as big as her mama’s.  “Big belly!” she declares as she sticks out her gut and struts around.

Also?  When did she turn into a maxi-skirt wearing teenager?

Hold me.


Happy Friday, loves! xo




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