I was so excited to test the new Iron-On Transfer Material available from Brother for your ScanNCut Machine!  There are a variety of thicknesses and textures — from a thin film to a thick flock and glitter and hologram in between.

The film is my favorite — it’s actually what I used to make Harlow’s Big Sis shirt and her Wild and Three shirt!

When thinking of ideas for a project to share with you all, I wanted to incorporate all of the textures and varieties available!  I also wanted to show you just how easy it is to create layered and multi-color designs using these Iron-On Transfers!

There are two things I love most about the Iron-On Transfers: ease of cutting and the built in transfer sheet.  You don’t need to buy additional products to create something with a professional and clean result!

Let’s go ahead and get started!




1|| Begin by designing your tote bag.  This step can be accomplished in ScanNCut Canvas or directly on your ScanNCut Machine.  Or you can simply download the patterns I’ve created for you! 

Little Fish Download

Ice Cream Download

*the donut design was done completely on the ScanNCut Machine.  I’ll show you that later on in this post!



2|| This step is optional, but I like to verify that my design is how I want it arranged and sized correctly.  Using a piece of cardstock or printer paper and the Pen Holder and pen, draw the full design on the paper.



3|| Resize or correct your design as needed.  I like to then cut out sections of my design from this paper template.  You can cut out every piece, or cut out enough to mark placement on your bag.

I always make sure that I have a few of each color cut out — since each color will stay together on its own transfer paper, we just need to line up a few specific key points to ensure correct placement.



4|| Using an iron-away fabric pen (like my favorites!) trace from your pattern a few lines and marks to align your Iron-On Transfer material when it’s time to complete your tote!



5|| Set aside your tote bag as we cut out all the pieces from the Iron-On Transfer materials.

At the end of this post, you will see each section of the design available for download.  If you want to change the way the colors are grouped, you can use the full design and save your own objects together to be cut from the same color of Iron-On Transfer. 

Begin by testing your Iron-On Transfer materials.  I have found the following settings to be pretty full-proof on my ScanNCut Machine:

  • Iron-On Transfer Film Sheets: Pressure 0, Speed 1, Blade 1-1.5
  • Iron-On Transfer Hologram Sheets: Pressure 0, Speed 1, Blade 1-1.5
  • Iron-On Transfer Glitter Sheets: Pressure 0, Speed 1, Blade 3-3.5
  • Iron-On Transfer Flock Sheets: Pressure 0, Speed 1, Blade 3.5-4

Using your ScanNCut Machine, cut out each section of the design in the color and material type of your choosing.

Don’t forget to double-check that you’ve mirrored your images prior to cutting!



6|| After all Iron-On Transfer materials have been cut, trim around all the pieces — you want to keep them attached to the plastic release so the arrangement and placement stays consistent!

Weed away all the negative space material, so you are left with your design pieces on the plastic release.




7|| Arrange all pattern pieces on your tote and iron on each color in the correct place.  Your iron will probably remove some of your placement marks, so just use your template to make a few more marks as you go!

*Use a hard/flat surface to iron your Transfer Materials to your tote bag.  An ironing board isn’t ideal if it has a lot of padding on it.  I use my wooden sewing table — sometimes I lay a towel down on it to protect it from the heat.*



Continue for additional designs or tote bags!  Try changing out colors and material types as well!  If you’re wondering what I used for the fish bag, the text is in the Flock material, the fish is made from the Glitter and Hologram, the bubbles are Glitter and the fish eye is Film.

If you’d like to see the step-by-step process in video, you can watch it here!


And here are a few other designs as well!


The donut design — my favorite of the three…pregnancy cravings much!? — was designed completely on my ScanNCut Machine.

  1. The donut is available in the built in patterns on your machine.  I resized and cut the donut from Glitter and the frosting from Flock.
  2. I created sprinkles using a basic oval-type shape also built into your machine.  I resized super tiny and cut them out of Glitter.
  3. I used the sans serif bold font in all caps for my text.  I create 2 text objects — ALWAYS and YES.  I wanted them to be the same width, not necessarily the same size font, so I resized until they were both the same width.  I then removed the aspect ratio and shortened the height of “YES.” just a bit.


And that’s that!  The options are truly endless — from onesies to shirts to placemats to blankets to whatever you can iron the Heat Applied Materials to!  Just have fun!

Let me know if you have any questions!



Psst! I also made a shortened version of the video — tutorial in under 2 minutes.  Here you go!


I was sent a ScanNCut machine for this sponsored tutorial.  All ideas and opinions are my own.  



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