Welp.  You guessed it: another favorite project and tutorial!  I love finding ways to use all the photos I take — I am constantly emptying my iPhone to make room for more photos, but I hate not using them for something fun!

After picking up some fake leather and clear vinyl at the local craft store, I thought this project would be super fun and usable!  I think these would make great gifts for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day — or for grandparents!  I did a few varieties of coasters – I just wanted to spark your creativity to go crazy with this project!  Every shape and text used is right from the built-in designs on the ScanNCut machine.  

A few additional ideas I had to sandwich between the vinyl…. kids’ doodles and drawings, ticket stubs and maps from vacations, old notes, and just other memory items you want to keep!

Let’s jump right into it!


  • Brother ScanNCut Machine
  • memory items — photos, maps, ticket stubs, drawings, etc
  • clear vinyl for coaster front
  • felt or fake leather/vinyl for coaster back
  • sewing machine and supplies
  • *a piece of scotch tape to put on the bottom of your sewing machine foot — I have found it keep the vinyl from sticking to the sewing machine foot*

We’ll walk through the coasters I made using an old Pittsburgh map print, and then I’ll show you my modifications as well!


1|| Lay out your map or images if they need to be cut to coaster size.


2|| Background scan your image — map in this case — and determine where to cut for the coasters.  I wanted this set of six to form the map once again when placed in the correct order, so I created a grid of squares to be cut.


3|| After determining your coaster size, cut the same size shape from your clear vinyl for the coaster tops.

For the thicker clear vinyl (about .5mm thick or less) I used the following settings:

speed: 1

pressure: 3

blade: 6

For the thicker vinyl I used on the back, I increased my blade setting to about an 8. 


4|| Continue with the felt or fake leather for the coaster backs.


5|| Create your “coaster sandwich.”  I love using my quilting clips for this step because it keeps all the layers stacked beautifully together!


6|| Carefully sew around the perimeter of your coasters.  *Place scotch tape on the bottom of your sewing foot to keep the vinyl from sticking!*


7|| Repeat for remaining coasters!


And now for a few variations!


Use instagram photos to create photo coasters!  I had instagram photos printed at Target as 5″x5″ prints.


Using my background scan on the ScanNCut machine, I was able to see precisely where I needed to cut my shapes.


Using a London Tube map, I created triangular coasters with white and yellow vinyl on the back!


Using yellow vinyl as my middle layer, I had a little fun cutting out itty-bitty letters on my ScanNCut.  (the letters are just shy of .5″ tall)


Just have fun!  

The options are simply endless with this project!  I’d love to see what you come up with!




I was provided a Brother ScanNCut machine for this sponsored post.  All ideas and opinion are my own.  



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