This post is my second “Make or Buy” post — I wasn’t planning on two “make” posts in a row, but with all the traveling and roadtrips we’ve been taking lately, the eye makeup remover and this facial toner as always some of the first items packed!

After I had Harlow, I started looking into the benefits of Witch Hazel.  I always thought the name was just a bit too weird — and it kept me from ever purchasing it or looking into its uses.

When it was recommended to me to help with postpartum healing, I decided it was time I looked into it’s properties and uses.  I began using it as a facial toner right away.  I loved how gentle it was — but also how it actually worked.  (And it’s cheap!)

I mentioned it to my mom, and she had also been reading more about Tea Tree Oil and its benefits.  She then found some recommended witch hazel – tea tree oil ratios, and we both began using this little mix as a daily facial toner.

45 mL Witch Hazel
2.5 mL Tea Tree Oil or 1/2 teaspoon

I love it.  It’s simple to make.  It’s cheap.  I know what is in it.  …and it works!



What have you been making lately?   I will be finalizing the design for these bottle labels soon — and getting that to y’all to download, if you’d like!



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