This list is completely meant to be kind of serious and kind of fun.  But hopefully you realize that I try to keep everything a bit light hearted — we are all so so so different.  What is on your must-list might be something I’d never even consider buying, and vise versa.

Like a body pillow.  I was going to add it as an “everyone says you should get one, but I still haven’t but maybe I should” item, but it’s really not on my must have list…  I’ve never had one, so maybe I just don’t know what I’m missing?

On to my list.  I know you guys have been waiting on pins and needles for this post.  ha. Hahaha.  Right.

1|| Earth Mama Baby Angel Natural Stretch Oil

Okay.  That is the longest name ever, but this stuff is amazing.  I tried a belly butter last pregnancy, but it was so greasy and never really soaked in well, that I found myself not using it because I didn’t want to ruin my clothing.  This stuff is an oil that goes on and soaks in quickly.  I haven’t had any problem with shirts staining or getting ruined because of it.  Love it.

2|| Miralax

Yup.  This stuff is my BFFAEAEAEAE  (that’s best friend forever and ever and ever and ever and ever) during pregnancy.  It’s needed for this mama, and I gulp down a small glass of orange juice with it mixed in each morning.

Pregnant and constipated? Go buy this stat.  Well, buy the generic stuff — so much cheaper!

3|| Maman Poule

 I found out a popular phrase in France is “maman poule” — translated, Mama Hen.  I think it’s awesome.  Really this item is two fold: 1) find stuff that makes you smile and laugh and 2) find a comfy sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt?  Two birds.  One stone.  Whichhhhh is really a terrible phrase when you think about it, ummm yikes.  Anyways. I love this sweatshirt.

4|| Quit Reading All the Books!

aka read this book only: Diaper Free Baby.

Really though, this tip is probably my number one thing I tell pregnant friends of mine.  Don’t read the books!  I read the extremes: the schedules, the no schedules.  I needed to! Lifespan development!  The study behind the books, obviously it all fit together, right?

um. no.  Just don’t.  You will recite the opposite theory in just about every choice you make during those first few weeks.  Just don’t.

My advice if you just have to read some interesting infant book?  Ready Diaper Free Baby.  We did a laidback and modified form of Elimination Communication, and I certainly plan on reading this again (it’s a super quick read) and doing it again.  Andy can probably count on 1 hand the number of messy diapers he changed…and I don’t think I would need three.  That isn’t to brag, it’s just how interesting and fun — yes, I really just wrote fun — this concept can be!

Most of all, I love how this book is written.  It’s not condescending or bashing of other methods or theories.  Instead it encourages you in whatever way you want to adopt its methods.

5|| Essential Oil Diffuser

I haven’t jumped completely on the essential oil wagon, but there is no denying that diffusing some pretty scents throughout the house or our bedroom makes me just plain happy.

I love the simple look of this diffuser, and I found it at Kohl’s for a great price!  A sale, because really, when is there not a sale going on at Kohl’s! ]

6|| Prenatal Vitamins

I struggle with a 1x a day prenatal with crazy amounts of iron.  See item number 2 if you are wondering why.  

I love that I can take 2 of these a day and supplement as needed, as to not overdue my iron intake…which ends up causing way more problems for me.  Oy.  I also love that the Honest Company ones can be taken on an empty stomach.

My stomach and prenatal horse pills don’t like to play nice, but these have proven to be great in that aspect so far!

7|| Vitamix

Again, you can refer to number two. :) But really, it’s so easy to get some great helpings of vegetables and fruits when Harlow and I make smoothies during the day.

This simple green smoothie is still a favorite!

8|| Kindle Paperwhite

I talked with Andy about getting this after baby boy arrives for middle-of-the-night nursing sessions, but ended up springing for it a little early.

Two words for you: pregnancy insomnia. 

I have a first generation nook that I still like, but the backlight of the Kindle allows me to just read quietly without waking Andy…when I can’t sleep for hours in the middle of the night.

I know it’s a bit of a splurge, but I’m already hooked.  Oh! And reserve ebooks from your library!  I rarely pay for a book, I just check them out from the library!

And you can get a refurbished Kindle Paperwhite for a little bit less as well!  (that’s what I did, and I’m super happy with it!)

9|| Mustard

Yup.  You read that right! I have been plagued with insane leg cramps during this pregnancy.

Seriously awful.

I mentioned it to my dad, and he told me that MUSTARD will get a leg cramp to stop pretty quickly.

So stock those bedside tables with mustard, folks!  Crazy, right?  But way better than dealing with a leg cramp that leaves me limping the next day!


So what’s on your list?  I’d love to hear how similar or different your list is from mine!





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