This past weekend, we spent about 24 hours in Maryland to pamper and love on Andy’s sister, Karen, her husband, Brian, and their baby boy, Theodore.  Super fun and crazy: Karen is due roughly 10 days before I am!  It’s so weird to think about the fact that these boys could be born the same day, a few days a part or closer to a month apart…

Due dates are such a funny thing.

We drove out late Friday night, arriving around 1am.  Andy’s parents graciously gave up their bed, and we had a wonderful night’s rest barely slept due to a perpetual puppy and three year old who were not so interested in falling back to sleep.   Oh well!  We hit the ground running on Saturday as Andy ran out to grab a few last minute items for the shower, and we finalized food and plans back at his parents’ house.  I had made about 4 dozen cupcakes — I need to share the recipe with you all — but needed to add the lemon curd to the centers and frost them as well.  We got everything finished with a few minutes to spare before everyone arrived.

I didn’t know a ton of people at the shower, but it was so neat to put faces to names I’ve heard quite a bit.  It was a mix of family, Karen’s lifelong friends and their families, Gail’s friends and neighbors as well.  A lot of laughter, a few joyful tears, gorgeous gifts, full tummies and too many cupcakes were enjoyed by all.  It was such a great time with Andy’s family, albeit short.

We left Maryland around 9pm to make the 4 hour trek home again, and I think it’s safe to say that we were all pretty beat.  Not a peep was made from any of us until around 9 am this morning.




I commented on my friend Amy’s instagram when she posted a photo of the cutest box of candy!  I’m actually not even a big candy person, but her box of sour gummies and lemonheads had me craving sour candies something fierce.  About 20 minutes later, I had an email in my inbox from Amy — she’d generously gifted me a Sugarwish box!  I’m totally hooked — both on the candy I got :) and gifting them as well!  Seriously check them out, I love all the classic candies to choose from!



There has been a quilt I’ve been dying to share with you guys, but I had to be secret and silent about it!  Well, on Friday, I was completely surprised to receive early prints of the magazine it’s being published in….  I’m still freaking out and it doesn’t feel real.

Can’t wait to share it with you guys!!



If this photo doesn’t make you at least crack a smile on a Monday, then I’m not sure what will. :)  We had an evening orientation for parents this past Thursday, so Harlow got to hang out with one of her favorite people ever, Mr. Jeff, our neighbor.  He got this Halloween wig out for her, and she of course thought it was the best thing ever.

I snapped the above photo as she was marching up to show daddy.  I was seriously crying with laughter.


On Friday, Harlow started singing all of the songs she learned a few weeks ago at camp.  I found the albums on Spotify, and we spent the morning dancing and singing to every song she knew.

I need to get this girl in dance classes, stat. ;o)

Happy Monday!



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