It’s Monday.

Not sure about where you are, but the sun isn’t shining here.

We worked on projects around the house until way too late last night.

Harlow cried that Andy had to go to work today — I almost burst into tears too.  It’s true.

But today is another day to be thankful and grateful, so we are going to do just that!


On Friday, Harlow and I were waiting for Andy to get home from work so she could “stateboard” with him.  She wore her new shorts and shirt that she has dubbed her “stateboarding clothes.”

After declaring she was “a little bit chiwwwy” (chilly), I told her jumping jacks would help warm her up…


enough said.  


Hope you can find small things to smile about today!  And that Harlow’s joy brings a smile to your face as well.


Harlow’s shirt // Mawdsley Loves || Harlow’s shorts // free pattern! City Gym Shorts


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