ACK!  I have been waiting to spill the beans on this quilt for what feels like forever!  I originally made a version of this quilt for my friend Kate’s baby boy — I couldn’t sleep one night and thought,

what if I made a quilt with the instructions for folding a paper airplane!?!? 

I made the quilt and shared a photo I had of it with the editors of Generation Q.  We started a conversation about getting the pattern in one of their 2014 issues….and long hours later of working out the pattern and ironing out the details….


They totally didn’t tell me it would be on the cover!

I’m definitely a “make it work” person when I’m working on a single, custom quilt — especially when a quilt involves weird math and angles like this one!  It has super simple aspects, and it has a lot of sections that require a bit of focus and attention to detail.  So as I reworked the quilt with a pattern in mind, it was a whole new ballgame!  But finishing this pattern has definitely given me a kick in the rear to get my other patterns OUT of my moleskins and into y’all’s hands!


I had a little bit of fun with the back! I paper pieced a smaller version of the large and finished airplane — I love how the back turned out!  It really could be a simple quilt of its own.

If you’re wondering if I’m already planning on trying to crank out some of those, you read my mind and guessed correctly. :)  I might do a flash sale via instagram, if I can get my act together…. you know, being due in 3 weeks and all …and having a to-do list that’s a mile long…sure!  Haha, we shall see!


Yes.  Completely embarrassing myself.

That is a 36 week and pregnant woman jumping in the air because, well, freaking out.


Thank you ALL for your constant encouragement and support — and ridiculous amount of patience as let my perfectionism get in the way of just getting these patterns to you all!  I cannot WAIT to see finished versions of this quilt!

Off to get my quilt idea for baby boy out of my head and hopefully into reality!

Go check out this issue of Generation Q! — and find out where you can purchase it locally, so you can make this quilt too!

psst!  I’ll be using #CRairplaneQuilt for my posts with this quilt and other colorways!  Please tag me (@CoconutRobot), so I can see! And always feel free to email me with questions!





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