Jones Lauritzen



I will definitely be writing out his birth story — I’m so thankful that I wrote out Harlow’s before the details weren’t clear in my mind anymore.

In a nutshell, it was intense and fast and painful and perfect and amazing.  Every detail fell into place — including Harlow’s absolute joy about where mommy and daddy were headed as we dropped her off at her friend JoJo’s house.

Last photos as a family of three…

IMG_5967 IMG_5965

Getting ready to bust on outta there!  So excited to be home.


Wyler wasted no time making it known he was there to protect his new, baby brother.  He hasn’t wanted to leave Jones’s side since we got home — add his big sister to the mix, and it can get a little hectic at times. :)  More on that later….


Thank you all for your kind words of congratulations and your excitement right alongside us.  We feel so loved, and we are enjoying the slowing down to enjoy the change in our family.  A lot of naps for everyone, a lot of dates for Harlow, and a lot of random excuses for ice cream because why not.

I have some pre-baby/pregnancy posts to share — they are still relevant, so I’ll post those next week!  I just wasn’t planning on posting baby news this week — oh babes! They have their own opinion on time, don’t they? :)



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