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Harlow is not one to passively sit by and let me pick out her clothes for her.  Nope.  Girl is like her mama and said girl has an opinion about her clothes for the day!  On this particular day, she insisted upon her belt, this sleeveless dress, and her cowl — not a jacket — because it was “just a wittle bit chiw-ey.”

Well but of course.  :)

She also happens to be a string bean and finding good belts that are cute and functional is not an easy task.  Well remember the gal who makes the earrings I’ve dubbed “the earrings from heaven?”  Yup.  She also makes these amazing kids’ belts!  Kilee and her husband, Soren, are the dreamers behind ONE Little BELT and Nickel & Suede.

I love that this one doesn’t have set belt holes or really sizes, because that way I can really make it fit how it needs to.  When Harlow’s wearing a dress, she can wear it slouchy and cute — and when she’s wearing pants that need help staying on?  It does that too!

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And I’m pumped to give one of you, $50 to spend at ONE Little BELT!

We’re going to keep it super simple today!

To Enter:

  • Go visit ONE Little BELT and leave a comment telling me what your favorite belt is!  Which one would you order?
  • Go LIKE ONE Little BELT on Facebook — and leave a comment telling me that you did!
  • Go Follow ONE Little BELT on Instagram — and leave a comment telling me that you did!  (leave your IG Handle in the comment!)
  • Leave another comment telling me what your favorite month of the year is — I’m just curious!! :)

Happy Thursday, loves!



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