A portrait of Harlow London each week of 2014.


Things have been a little quiet over here and on social media a bit — we are staying super busy, my computer just hasn’t really been high on my list.  Our days are filled with excuses for daily dates with my Harlow girl, bike rides and walks, painting projects, and ambushing daddy when he gets home from work, of course.

The weather dropped like crazy, and it finally feels like fall!

I’ve also decided that waiting for labor to begin is just about the weirdest thing ever.  I sit here realizing that I could go into labor at any moment (I had no warning with Harlow)….or it could be another 3 weeks!  So. Weird.

C’mon, baby! We want to meet you!  Harlow actually walks around the house singing “It’s very very very hard to wait…” from the Daniel Tiger episode as he waits to meet his baby sister — she asks me every morning if today is the day that he “comes out.”  Oooooh it only it was just as easy as that.  Uftdah!

And a few others from our week….


Harlow’s swimsuit

I have so many drafts to get finished and published — hoping to get a giveaway finished for y’all tomorrow!



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