Since last Wednesday, we have been completely spoiled with visitors!  Harlow was anxiously waiting for the moment we could go pick up “Tat Tate” (Cat Kate) from the airport.  As we drove there, she spotted about ten planes in the air — wouldn’t you know, each one of them was the plane that Kate was on, of course! :)

Early on in my pregnancy with Jones, Kate asked if she could come out and help for a few days after Andy went back to work and my mom left.  Kate: THANK YOU.  You were such an encouragement and help during the time you were here.  Harlow was on cloud nine, and I felt so spoiled.

We took her to some of our favorite places:  The Milk Shake Factory, Pamela’s, the Strip District, Peace Love and Little Donuts.  She is also one of the best baby cuddlers in the world — and crazy good at sculpting cats out of polymer clay (a skill very high on Harlow’s awesome list.)


After Kate left, we were spoiled by my cousin Chelsey and her husband Jeffrey!  Harlow calls them the Pwincess and Pwince pretty consistently: “Pwincess! Where did your Pwince go!?” 

The weather took a turn for Winter, and it was pretty grey and windy during their time here, but we made the most of it.  We took the Duquesne Incline up to Mount Washington, visited the Strip District to get some cheese and pierogis at Penn Mac, enjoyed a lazy afternoon, stuffed our bellies with Thai food from Nicky’s and enjoyed a great morning walk to church.

Chelsey and Jeffrey: Thank you for making the trek out to the ‘Burgh!  We loved having you here so much!  We can’t wait to visit Chicago to see your neck of the woods!

IMG_9070IMG_9022IMG_0007IMG_9025IMG_9027 My sister makes these amazing letterman jackets!  Aren’t they the cutest??  Harlow is obsessed with hers.

She’s planning on selling some in the next few weeks/months!  Be sure to follow her on instagram, so you don’t miss out!

And during all this amazingness….Rachel and Jerry had their sweet baby, Evie!  Harlow and I got to swing over and visit her on Friday.  She is gorgeous, and I got all weepy because Jones looked h-yuge next to her!


Harlow and I are both still in pajamas this morning.  She’s happily playing with princesses while Jones naps and I drink coffee and catch up on emails.  (If I owe you an email…yes, I am so ridiculously behind! Hoping to catch up today!)

I’m having a love-hate relationship with Fall….is there a place where it is 65-75 degrees and sunny all the time?  I want to move there.  It’s getting chilly here already, and I’m not ready for that!



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