I’ve learned that I nest by creating: sewing, knitting, dreaming, scheming, etching … that’s how I knew I’d be having him soon.  Yes, there was a little bit of cleaning and organizing that took place as well, but in my mind I had a few projects I’d been planning since early on in my pregnancy that I knew I wanted to finish before his arrival.  The one I obsessed over?  My hospital bag.

I really don’t know why I had such a specific vision for the bag I wanted to bring with to the birth center — it was so clear in my mind, yet I didn’t tackle it until about 2 weeks before he was born.

In my mind, I’d made it a million times, but I was so nervous to actually tackle it. 

But once I got started, it sort of came together.  In a perfect world, I’d love to get this finalized and a pattern to you tomorrow…. In the end of my construction, the bag ended up looking like I wanted to…but it’s a hack when it comes to how I finished it and pieced it together.  I’ve warned my little sister that I need to pick her genius sewing brain…. so when we do that, I’ll hopefully get it finalized and out to you all!


I really wanted to have some goodies made for Jones before he arrived.  We’d decided on his name early on, so I was fairly confident that we weren’t changing it.  I’d had onesies made for Harlow and some booties for her to wear home (although I might have finished those while I was in early labor with her… along with packing my bag. Whoops!), so I wanted to do a few of those special things for Jonesy too.


My dream for this bag was simple: a duffle on top with an additional zipped section at the bottom.  I loved being able to pack the things I needed for me in the top section, while filling the bottom with gifts and other things for Jones.  I loved how the diagonal quilting turned out on the top section — I used my painter’s tape technique!  Am I the only one who finds it so calming and therapeutic to quilt such precise lines?  Welp. ;)


Eeks! I really am excited to tackle the pattern in a way that is a bit more doable and repeatable — we’ll get there.  Excited to share some of the goodies I packed in this duffle!  My original plan was to have a matching one made smaller for Harlow….but, I’ve learned to tell myself no when things are just absurd given the amount of time in a given day, the amount of time I need to sleep and the number of weeks I am pregnant….I told myself ‘no’ on that one. ;)  Maybe someday!



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