One of the things I was looking forward to as a mom was crafting with my kids — my mom spent so much time teaching us how to sew and make things.  I am absolutely loving this age with Harlow (well, I can list off a few things about the three-titude that I’m not a fan of as well…), and one of my favorite things we’ve started doing is our post-nap craft time.

I love prepping our projects while she’s upstairs reading or sleeping — Jones is usually a rockstar during his afternoon nap as well.  I typically get stuff ready…and then sometimes conk out for a nap myself if it’s been a particularly “awesome” night of partying with the infant. ;)

This pumpkin decorating craft can really be modified for almost any season — and it’s super, sooooper simple.  I just love that I was able to make custom stickers from whatever color I wanted (using adhesive vinyl) because of my ScanNCut.  I’ve included both the .FCM files for download at the end of this post!

A few reasons why I love this simple project:

  1. So easy to modify and switch up for other holidays
  2. Harlow is so great at chatting about her day and friends when we do a simple craft like this — I love hearing about her days and dreams and thoughts and made up friends.  I’m usually cry-laughing by the end of it.
  3. It was great for her fine motor skills.  Vinyl is super thin, and I thought I would need to remove the stickers for her, but she insisted on “I do it!” and do it herself, she did!
  4. Because she was able to do so much of it on her own, I was able to attend to Jones as he needed me and wrap up final dinner prep too.
  5. I just like lists that end in an odd number…moving on.


You can either use real pumpkins — keep them orange or spray paint them.  I found these paper mache -type pumpkins on clearance, and then I just spray painted them white.


Using your ScanNCut machine, cut out the stickers out of your adhesive vinyl color of choice.  (Downloads available at the end of this post.)


Start sticking!  I always have to remind myself to just let Harlow do her three-year-old-thing.  I so often wanted to step in and suggest placement to make the pumpkins more aesthetically pleasing, but that’s not what crafting with Harlow is about.  :)

IMG_9818  IMG_9822

Silly faces are a must, too!

IMG_9829 IMG_9832 IMG_9834

Harlow insists that Jones be near her at all times — I had him at the end of the table…but that wasn’t close enough for her.  She is seriously the best big sister.

Jones is hanging out in his Stokke Steps Bouncer.  It’s our favorite thing ever because he is at our height, so it’s great for cooking, crafting, sewing and eating times, to name a few!)

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Just have fun!






what are you creating this fall?  I’d love to see any kid-friendly crafts you’ve tried!  I always need new ideas!




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