Andy and I knew that we wanted the moment to be really special when Harlow finally got to meet her baby brother.  I say finally, because I think she was flabbergasted by how long it took for him to arrive.  Almost every morning, I was greeted by, “Did baby bwover come out yet, mommy?” or at naptime, “is he still in there, mommy?”  

When I found the Peek-A-Whoo shop, an online boutique run by friends Kelley and Heather, I knew one of their personalized items would be perfect!  We wanted something that Harlow could give as a present to her baby brother when she first met him — but we also loved the idea of giving her a gift when we dropped her off with friends on our way to the birth center.

These Jellycat bunnies fit the bill — I was blown away by how cuddly these little guys are!  The fur is so soft and snuggly.  Harlow’s has her name stitched in pink on one ear, and Jones’s initials are in blue on his.


The afternoon of the 18th, it was clear that my contractions weren’t stopping, so we got our bags packed, Harlow’s bag packed, and we headed over to her BFF JoJo’s house.  Before we left, we gave her lots of hugs and kisses and her bunny too!  Harlow was so excited: about her bunny and that her baby brother was finally making his debut.

So when we were heading home the next morning, I was so excited that Jacquie would be there to catch Harlow’s first moments meeting her brother.  I am blown away by the love she captured in these photos — and Harlow was pumped about her present to Jones….if you can’t tell by the photo below. :)


Today I’m so excited to be giving away a Jellycat bunny from Peek-A-Whoo!  Take a moment to online window shop a bit — their stuff is so cute!  And you can use the coupon code COCOBABY for 10% off the Jellycat bunnies!

Good luck!

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Jacquie, I cannot thank you enough for capturing these first moments!  I can’t wait to share my most favorite photo you snapped, but it deserves a post of its own! xo!


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