I don’t know about you, but the time from Halloween to Christmas seems to just fly by.  I find myself thinking that I have plenty of time for DIY gifts and decor projects….only to blink and have December holidays upon us!

I wanted to make gifts for Harlow’s preschool teachers this year, but I knew that if I kept saying “Oh, I’ll do it when we are closer to Christmas break” would leave me running out to buy a gift card the last morning of school before break.

Can I get an amen?

So one chilly morning, Harlow and I got our crafting on and made these mugs for her teachers!  We will be filling them with chocolates and gift cards and some artwork from Harlow as well!  I’m seriously ecstatic about how they turned out!




For fun, I’ve been sharing some of my “sleepy secrets” over on instagram — today is the second one that I’m sharing!  This is nothing earth shattering by any means, but just wanted to share some of my favorite — or Jonesy’s favorite — sleepy dust things.

Today?  I bring you the Ollie Swaddle!  The Ollie Swaddle is the swaddle I reach for at naps — I need to buy another because I hate the days I’m washing it!  It’s simple and quick to use, and easy to get a nice and tight swaddle wrap that Jones can’t break out of!

Immediately I was drawn to the bright blue and simple stripes pattern — but then I read the story of how the Ollie swaddle came to be, and I was even more impressed and intrigued.  After trying this swaddle, I am hooked.  Grab a tissue if you watch the video (you should), it might just be my hormones, but goodness, I cried.

My story begins when I fell in love with an infant named Oliver. He was handsome, and yet on the verge of being labeled “failure to thrive.” Other foster parents struggled with keeping Oliver because he was difficult, struggling to eat and sleep. But I was in love, and so I began my journey to help Oliver thrive.

My experience in infant mental health had acquainted me with the timeless technique of swaddling. However, to both my and Oliver’s distress, the swaddles available on the market didn’t seem to help. They either didn’t hold him correctly, were not strong enough to apply a comforting pressure, or they left his legs unwrapped. So my mission to help Oliver took a new turn as I searched for a swaddle which would meet all of Oliver’s needs.

The answer finally came when I created a new type of swaddle. One which would move with him through the night, keep a comforting pressure from his shoulders to his feet, and which would help keep him cool. When I started wrapping my little Ollie in the new swaddle, I began to see dramatic changes. He began to sleep through the night, eating and gaining weight. Most importantly, he began to catch up with developmental milestones which he had missed. Ollie began to thrive!

This change led to a happy ending for Ollie. In 2009 he was adopted by a loving family. Since then, I have been working with a great team to develop a quality swaddle which could be shared with families everywhere. This is the swaddle which I am happy to share with you today, The Ollie, named after my little love.


Today I am giving away 2 Ollie Swaddles!  One swaddle will be awarded to a winner over here via the rafflecopter below — and one winner will be selected at random from the instagram giveaway!  I’ll be posting it tomorrow, so be sure to keep checking over there!

You can also use the coupon code COCONUTOLLIE to receive 20% off your order until 11/30!  You know I’ll be using that to order another! 

Good luck!  (And stay warm — it’s so cold here already! Ack!)

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