Oranges. Harlow is the best nickname giver ever.  Even though we don’t call Jonesy Oranges on the regular much anymore, he’ll still always be our little Oranges.

And yes, I’m hoping his hair is strawberry blonde or red like Harlow’s too!  Harlow also told me that he’d be born with sprinkles on his cheeks, so we shall see if he ends up with freckles!

IMG_9225IMG_9212 IMG_9210

Kayla is the genius and creative behind Fawn and Clover.  Her patterns and fabric are ridiculously cute and unique — and matching Oranges pajamas?  Doesn’t get any cuter.

I’ve loved connecting with Kayla and getting to know her sweet heart.  She has a heart of gold and takes extreme care to create quality pieces.  Her fabrics are so. dang. cute.

Just go look.

IMG_9227   IMG_9180 IMG_9173IMG_9162IMG_9166IMG_9156IMG_9149IMG_9152

Today Kayla is giving away $75 credit to one of you!  What would I buy?

These new cuffed pants.  These adorable raglan dresses.

One of everything please!  What’s your favorite?

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