I realized I never finished my little bump photo series….Jones jumped the gun!  When I was pregnant with Harlow, we attempted the weekly-stand-against-the-same-wall-and-take-a-profile-bump-photo thing….but it ended up being our weekly argument time.  Ha.  I was traveling every week for work until I was about 6.5 months pregnant, so it was crammed into a weekend…when typically I just wanted to lounge around sans make-up or clean hair.

In other words: I never really wanted my photo taken.

I had so much fun documenting my growing bump this time around!  It has been so fun looking back at the moments that defined each week — weather changing, toes becoming hidden, Harlow starting school.  I’m so happy that I accidentally fell into a weekly documentation in this way….because I honestly kept forgetting which week I was at, so these photos helped me remember. ;)

weeks 20 - 29weeks 30- 40

I still can’t believe just weeks ago I was sporting a bump and now Jonesy is here.  Beyond thankful and still totally smitten.





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