This year we went all out for halloween.

And by all out I mean not at all.

In the years past, I’ve had so much fun making costumes for Harlow.  She was a lamb at 5 months.  She was a bear at a year and a half.  And last year, she was the cutest pink fox I ever did see.

Yes, there is a theme of animals and no, that wasn’t really intentional.  (Kind of like our last-names-as-first-names for our kiddos… now I belabor over keeping that up!)  So anyways, this year I had plans of making a costume for Harlow as well.  She kept changing her mind: a bunny, a princess, a piggie, and the last request was a wolf.

Perfect, I thought.  A wolf goes along beautifully with this accidental animal tradition….now how on earth do I make this costume.  I thought about it a bit, and then things like the need for sleep, a newborn, preschool, friends and walks to the park invaded, and I woke up halloween morning.

No costume made.

Welp.  So we ran to our happy place where Harlow picked out the cheapest — and by cheapest I do not mean the most inexpensive…I mean wow-are-costumes-overpriced-and-really-cheaply-made.  

It was almost like Harlow loved it. ;) Ya think?

doc mc stuffins IMG_0186

I then proceeded to dress Jonesy up as a cute baby.  Nailed it.  

IMG_0228 IMG_0209

It was a win-win for all.  Well, except the tradition of Pittsburgh + rain + cold = Halloween.  I am so tired of that. 

So we went down two blocks and up two blocks….Harlow was so cold by the end that Andy was holding her and she waved at the houses — completely uninterested in walking over to grab candy and brave the cold.

We ventured home, bundled up a bit more and enjoyed our favorite part of the night: handing out candy!

I sat behind her with Jonesy as she yelled to everyone walking by “TRIT OR TREATS!!!!”  My favorite was when she yelled at a guy waiting for the bus across the street…and then mumbled about how silly it was that he wasn’t walking over for candy.  I mean, seriously! ha.


Hope you all had a fun evening — hopefully warmer and dryer than ours! And cheers to store bought costumes! ;)


// sling //




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