Want to know what that little pink sticky note on my door says?  “Please do not ring the doorbell! Babies sleeping.”  I definitely should make something that looks a bit nicer, since I’m not planning on taking it down anytime soon. :)  Anywhooooo! That has nothing to do with today’s post. :) I just debated taking it down for the photos…but that wouldn’t be real life.

No, today is all about my new entry art that I made with my ScanNCut machine! My little sis called it the “anti mirror” — first thing you see when you walk in our front door is a reminder of how beautiful you are!  Funny thing is, I was considering putting a mirror somewhere in this entryway as well….but now I feel like I should hide it behind the door or something!  :/ Ha.  I still have a lot to do in this little nook!

Back to the art.  I am going down all sorts of rabbit trails today.  We will blame that on the sleep deprivation — partly the newborn, but mostly this dumb throat and sinus and coughing cruddy thing I’ve got going on.  Blah.



I saw an entry way sign like this similar on Pinterest — and then I searched on etsy and found bajillion of them, so I’m jumping on board.  Problem was, I had no idea how I’d print something big — and I wanted this sign to be huge!  I hopped on Illustrator and began picking fonts for my little experiment.  I played around with the text a bit — adding gorgeous, pretty and landing on beautiful for the final design.  And early on in the design process, I realized that I could “print” this art using vinyl and my ScanNCut.  Huzzah!

I wanted to share not only how I did this project — but provide you with the downloads as well!  (.SVG and .FCM files are at the end of the post!)  The great part is that this print is actually 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall, so I was able to use my 12″x24″ mat to cut out the text.  Here’s what I did!


1| Download the design — or make up your own!  Convert your file to an .FCM file if needed using ScanNCut Canvas.  You’ll see that I rotated the text 90º so it fit on the length of the mat.


2| Lay out the vinyl on your mat – vinyl side up.


3| Run a test of your blade settings — I landed on

  • Speed 1
  • Pressure 0
  • Depth just shy of 1


4| After you’ve run the test, go ahead and cut out all the vinyl text!


6| Trim around the text and weed away the negative space vinyl, leaving your text remaining on the paper backing.


7| I picked up a poster frame at my local craft store.  Instead of searching for something large enough to create a white background, I just spray painted the particle board white. :)

IMG_1091 IMG_1097

8| Place the contact paper on your text — I love using the lined contact paper to help me keep things straight as I place them.

IMG_1098 IMG_1101

9| Place on your backdrop and peel contact paper away. Continue these steps for all the text!


VOILA! Pop it back in the frame and hang it up!  This entryway nook is becoming my favorite spot in the house. :) Too bad those chairs aren’t comfortable enough for a nap, or I would totally nap there!

IMG_1120 IMG_1125 IMG_1131

In other news, Wyler needs a haircut so. so. so bad.

IMG_1142 IMG_1059


SVG files

FCM files

So, what do you think?


And now for a surprise giveaway!  I posted a photo of this new StitchFix scarf — because I love it so much I joked that they made it just for me ;) — and people fell in love with it too!


Well, most items from StitchFix are not available at other boutiques and stores, but this scarf just so happens to be available at a local boutique here in Pittsburgh!  Rosewood Boutique is the cutest boutique with trendy and classic pieces — and affordable prices!  She also has an online boutique and will ship to you as well!  Kathryn reached out to me and told me, “WE HAVE THE SCARF!”

So let’s give one away!  Happy Friday loves!

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