I just about attacked my postman when he walked up to the door with our minted box.  But then Harlow ran under my arm and said to him, “I’ll take that! It’s for me!”

Well then.

I was kind.  We opened the box together, and then we both squealed.  minted cards are always beautiful to look at online….but then I’m always blown away when I open the box.  Perfectly packaged.  Signed with the name of the employee who packed and checked your order — every detail is thought of.

Including the envelopes.  

minted now has the most gorgeous envelope designs — available right now for free! Huzzah! — to pair with their also free address service.  Yup.  All I have to pop the cards in the envelope, seal, stick on the stamp and return address…and I’m good to go!  All the names and addresses are printed on the envelopes: now with gorgeous designs!

Some card designs have envelopes designed to match, like the photo above!  The design on the envelope changes color depending on the colors chosen for the card!  If the card doesn’t have a specific envelope design (or you want to choose a different one!) there are so many great ones to choose from — like the one below!

Yup! The wrap around address labels even match!  I’m telling you: minted thinks of everything.

I wanted to tell you about a few other things and give you some ideas to make your Christmas or holiday or New Year’s cards even more fun this year!

Order a few different designs!

I was tempted to not post photos of our card this year, but then I realized we could order a few different ones, so people would still be surprised when they received their card in the mail.

Well, and Andy and I couldn’t agree on one…. hahaha, so we just decided to get our top three! I also obviously couldn’t choose just one photo….  that Rachel.

Order express service.

minted now has cards available with express service.  You can double and triple check your design on your own, skip the proof and save $10 — and get your cards two days faster!  Just search “express service” in the top right search bar.

As always, click to get $25 off your first order.


Which designs are your favorite?  And who’s ready to enter to win $150 minted credit?  all of you, of course. Not sure why I even asked!  Good luck! ;)

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