Living far from my family is definitely difficult.  I would give anything to swing over to my parents’ house when Andy works late or see them at church on a Sunday, but it makes me all the more thankful for the time we get to spend with them.  So many of my memories of my childhood involve the many roadtrips we would take to visit family or go on trips.  We’d pack up our bag of “to-do” items, measure the trip in Adventures in Odyssey episodes, and make sure the seating arrangements were fair at all times.  I love those memories, and while traveling can be full of ups and downs, I love these adventures with our little family.

I wanted to share some of our 2-day road trip traveling fashion for Harlow and I — highlighting in particular these amazing tennis shoes we both got from Rack Room Shoes.

I mean, in all seriousness…they are pretty hard to miss!


A big part of the traveling equation is comfort.  For me, comfortable pair of shoes is the top of my list – especially when it’s a trip during the winter months….into the artic-cold of the Midwest (just kidding…kinda).  I want a pair of shoes that are warm, easy to slip on and off and most of all — I sound like a broken record — comfortable.  I have never before tried Asics tennis shoes, and I’m happy to say that I might be hooked.  I’m excited to try running in these shoes as well!

Harlow picked out these neon pink Nikes from Rack Room Shoes.  If you’ve had any conversations about color with her, you would not be surprised by her loud choice. ;) What I love about these shoes is the ease in which she is able to put them on herself.  They have a fake-lace look with a velcro strap to actually tighten the shoe on her foot.  She loves them. I love them. Winnity win, win, win!



IMG_0164 IMG_0160

For day two of our adventure, we went a bit less loud — although Harlow’s pants are pretty festive and bright!  I’m wearing a pair of Lee jeans that I’ve begun to swoon over.  I’ll be transparent: I was a skeptic! But after trying these jeans on one time, I immediately knew that I’d be keeping them.  They are a super dark wash, and are incredibly supportive and comfortable.

I wish someone was paying me a dollar for every time I wrote the word comfortable in this post… ;)

pic1 pic2

So how did our 2-day adventure go? So well!  Harlow was a great traveler, content to look for animals out her window and search for colored trucks.  After my solo road trip to Wisconsin with her (while 33 weeks pregnant…I don’t recommend it) she hasn’t asked for the iPad once.  I think having no choice to turn around and attend to her needs during that trip while I was driving forced her to grab the items within her reach.  She loves reading her books, coloring and just chatting with us — I’m so thankful!  I was nervous about how frequently we would need to stop for Jones, but he did great as well!  I know this might be him just making us overly confident, but I’ll just take one trip at a time — calling his first one a success!

How about you — what’s your go-to travel attire?

And a very, very important question for you as well: the louder the tennis shoes the better the mama?  or am I forgetting how that saying goes….. ;)

mama series 2

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I hope you are having a wonderful time with family! I haven’t been opening my computer much, and it’s been such a breath of fresh air.  If I owe you an email — I will be tackling those in a few days.  I’m not ready to be done soaking up our family time – thanks!


This post was done in collaboration with Rack Room Shoes.  All opinions and love for loud, neon tennis shoes are my own. (and Harlow’s!)


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