I’m on a mission to find nursing-friendly apparel for the fall and winter months.  As I mentioned last week, this nursing with so many layers thing is so new to me!

And as someone who is chronically cold…. I need layers and things to keep me warm.  Sometimes I’m all about the “made for nursing” gear — like this sweatshirt or this shawl —  but I also like finding regular ‘ole items that allow for either the ease of nursing or double as a cover.

This cardigan does just that.  It’s soft and drapey (I’m not sure that’s a real word…it drapes really well? ha) and perfect with leggings or jeans or a pair of yoga pants around the house.  It’s even the perfect layer to wear over a wrap/sling/baby carrier!  It’s not overly heavy or hot, but perfect to give you a little extra coverage.  The long front panels are perfect to use as a little nursing cover, while still keeping the cardigan on and staying warm.

Winnity win win win!

img-5143 img-5146

How about you?  Where are your favorite legit-nursing-top places to shop?  And where are your fake-nursing-top places to shop?  I want to hear’m!






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