If you couldn’t tell by Harlow’s boring and unemotional facial expressions, she was pretttty excited about the rainy morning we took out our Pipsticks envelopes!  We spent the entire morning creating little works of art to hang on the refrigerator and send to family in the mail.


Our Pipsticks mail came chalk full of stickers: Maureen does an amazing job of selecting unique and fun stickers.  Harlow created storylines and friends and families during our sticker time — and even after a morning full of stickers, we had plenty left for more mornings to bring them out again!

I found myself nodding in agreement with Maureen as she described how Pipsticks came about:

I am a designer and left my corporate brand management job when my first son, Atticus, was born. A few years later, we were invited to join one of those sticker club chain letters. Like all chain letters, it was a bust: after loads of time and energy to find friends, write letters, enclose stickers, address envelopes, find stamps, etc etc, my kids received one measly response. Though maddening for me, they went absolutely bananas crazy over that one sheet of stickers waiting in our mailbox. Inspired, I created Pipsticks after looking for a sticker subscription and coming up empty. At Pipsticks, we take the heartache out of sticker clubbing and promise a return that is just all around awesome.

To further help the less than creative moms out there, we just launched an Ideas blog on the website which features craft projects and activities that center around or incorporate stickers. This stuff relies on high tech supplies like toilet paper rolls and bobby pins, so is very accessible to moms across the board that want to get crafty.

When I heard of a sticker subscription, I wasn’t sure, but Harlow and I are both hooked after trying Pipsticks out!  It’s the perfect thing for your kids’ wishlist this Christmas!

Be sure to use ROBOT11 to get one month free with a 6 or 12 month subscription.  Happy Stickering!





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