This weekend was crazy full of Christmas awesome.


We entered the world of fakery when we decided on a rainy Saturday.  We budgeted for the tree we thought we were going to get, found one we liked better in person for about half the cost….got the last one, which was a floor model, so we got a discount.  Grabbed a tree bag to bring it home and store it in, given it had no box (display one), but the bag was clearly used and returned…complete with a hole and a broken zipper, so that came along with our tree for tree.

Harlow posed with the forest behind her, so we’d always this tree-fetching remember the moment.  She’s of course doing her best ostrich face. 


Then Jones got all dressed up for a birthday party that afternoon for our sweet friends JoJo and baby Marion-berry.  Do you remember this squishy babe?  She’s turning one.  HOW.

And yes, you can say it, Jones’s onesie is about the cutest thing you ever did see.


Then we got Thai take out, put on Elf for the first time this year — Harlow loved it — and decorated the tree.  We have the cutest spot of ornaments all about to fall off of the 2 needles they are each somehow perched upon, but Harlow was so proud and so into decorating the tree.

I thought two was a magical Christmas year….but I think it just keeps getting better.

Then we all slept in (past 6:30 that is….) and it was glorious. 


After church, Jones modeled the mega-pom hat design that was in my head for a while, but needed to become a reality.  I had to keep asking him to quit rolling over.

Yes. ROLLING.  He started the day he turned two months, and hasn’t stopped since.  I want to cry.

Not ready yet, Jonesy.


Oh! And I finally got my act together and created the instagram account I’ll use for flash sales — think hats and boots and diaper rags and who knows what else.

I promise to try and keep the awesome factor high. Well that and the pompom size awesome, too.


Then we got all fancy for the Reindeer Ball, and we wrangled Jeff, our neighbor, into taking our photo.  He got some really great ones of us smiling and looking fancy-schmancy….but

the ostrich face one wins.

Harlow is obsessed with her pink princess dress and couldn’t stop telling Andy how handsome he was.

I totally agree, Harls.  I totally agree.


Then Harlow awesomely photobombed our red light selfie.  And we all got a case of the giggles.

That guy is pretty handsome, isn’t he?

reindeer ball

And then we arrived and we all had a blast.  Harlow and her friend Charlotte tore up the dance floor, met Santa (and his 20 year old wife ;) and I don’t think either of them lost their smile for more than it took to beg for more ice cream.

Thank you, Kate, Brian and Charlotte for inviting us to join you this year at the Reindeer Ball — we love you guys!


And then we came home to a house with Christmas tree lights shining through front windows, and I couldn’t help but smile.  I told Andy that I want to start putting the Christmas tree up the minute the temperature starts to get cold, because it puts me in such an amazing mood seeing it standing in our living room sparkling away.

Cheesy, I know, but true.  And now that we have a fake tree, I can leave it up forever!  I kid. I kid.

But this guy is serious.


Happy Monday!



The sentence structure and grammar in this post is downright awful, but I’m leaving it. xo!

oh! and get your Christmas decorations ready!

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