I thought it would be fun to start sharing a random find on Fridays.  Nope.  It won’t be every Friday, because if I say that….I’ll never do it again.  (I still need to finish posting Harlow’s 52 weeks photos — I have them taken, just need to organize them all together.  Tangent: any recommendations on where to get a poster printed of all the photos? In a grid?  Kthankssomuch.)

So today’s Friday find: Wesenjak slippers.  As you can see from the photo above….my family is a little obsessed.  The only toesies missing? Jonesy’s.  And don’t you worry a hot second, he already has a few pairs waiting for his cute little feet to just get a bit bigger.

I can’t take credit for finding these fabulous things.  My parents purchased a pair for my dad on a whim — I think maybe even on vacation?  They are 100% wool, but the bottom has a good grip to them, which is important for our all-wood-floor home.

They can run you about $40 or more bucks……but Sierra Trading wins the day.

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Go get you some.  They are fantabulous.

Happy Friday!  What random finds are you loving on today?





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