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It just so happened that Harlow began a mild obsession with the Berenstain Bear series when these adorable shirts from Loved by Hannah and Eli arrived!  Harlow takes her role as big sister very seriously, and I love that she calls this shirt her, “I’m a big sister bear!” shirt.

Loved By Hannah And Eli was a dream, inspired by a hobby, turned passion and ultimately a calling. I’m a Mom….I do this out of my house with a couple of friends and try to have as much fun with it as possible. 

I’m Sarah….

  • Married to a Super Supportive Dude, 2 kids (Hannah and Eli) thus the name….
  • We live in Sunny California :)
  • The LOVED BY HANNAH AND ELI “brand” has been around since early 2012
  • My dream is to impact people through genuine kindness, bring families together, and do so fashionably
  • The Team is made up of willing friends who don’t need sleep…we are moms!

We absolutely love Sarah’s designs, and ironically she seems to take the little names I call my kiddos right out of my mouth.  Grumpy bearanyone?

And of course I am stalking this one until it comes back in stock!

Loved by Hannah and Eli also has a section of her shop called “Clothing for a Cause.”  A portion of each sale goes to the charity or cause listed.

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Who wants to win $100 to spend at Loved by Hannah and Eli?  All of you?  That’s what I thought. :)

Happy Monday! Hope this makes your day just a little bit sweeter!

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