After celebrating as a little family here in Pittsburgh, we loaded up the car and made a 2-day trek out to Wisconsin for our second Christmas celebration (our third and final celebration is this coming weekend!).  We did a lot of relaxing and cooki-ing.  <– that’s the verb for eating a lot of cookies, if you didn’t know.

We played a lot of Phase 10, Hand and Foot and Pinochle.  We ate lefse and spotted deer in the backyard.  Harlow and Babu found a 5′ patch of snow and tried to go sledding.  We fixed up my featherweight and sewed even more.  Aunt TeeTee spoiled her nieces and nephews — she’s so crazy talented.  We giggled.  We smothered cousins in kisses, and we giggled some more.

All in all, it was an amazing time with family.  We are still waiting to get back into normalcy: we drove back and dove right into more plans and company.  It’s all been so so so good and I wouldn’t trade any of it!  And I’m also excited for our schedules to calm down just a bit…

In the words of Harlow, “that’s o-tay, right?” 

IMG_4299 IMG_4092 IMG_4102 IMG_4384 IMG_4351 IMG_4347IMG_4474 IMG_4471 IMG_4083 IMG_4385 IMG_4521 IMG_4470 IMG_4509


Happy Monday!  How were your celebrations?  Trees still up? (ours are!) I want to hear!



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