You Guyssssss.  It’s 2015.

15 years since Y2K.  Fifteen years!  Wow.  I do not feel as old as I clearly am…. yikes.  But whatever the age, I have some amazing news to share — and an even more amazing giveaway for all of you!

Do you recognize this skinny little peanut?  It is a little embarrassing how weepy and emotional I get looking at these photos of Jones when he was just a few weeks old.  He’s still young enough to count his age in weeks, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s getting way too big, way too fast.

He’s definitely growing up — and growing more and more in love with his 4moms mamaRoo!  I have joked that it’s made of unicorn hair, because he is so content and calm in it.  Really though, it might be….

I cannot tell you how amazing the mamaRoo has been for me as a mom to two.  (I can only imagine how much more I will love it with subsequent babies! No, that’s not an announcement.)  One thing I really struggled with during the first few weeks — and even now — is feeling like I’m always telling Harlow to “wait a minute, sweetheart,” “not right now I’m feeding Jones,” “give me a second, Harlow, I need to change his diaper.”  I hate not being able to grow 4 more arms so I can do more while I’m nursing or changing a diaper.  I may not have extra eyes and arms, but I am so thankful for the gift of time the mamaRoo has given me.

I love that Jones is so content — he has the biggest crush on that little mobile — and Harlow and I are able to have focused time together coloring or Playmobil-ing or making a quick batch of cookies.  More often than not, his giggles get quiet and we glance over to find a sleeping Jonesy in his mamaRoo.

When this happens, I thank 4moms for the bit of magic they built into this new mamaRooan iPhone app.  (Android too!)  As Jones gets drowsy, I slow down the movement and increase the volume on the white noise.  I don’t have to worry about a creaking floor or Harlow going over to wake him.  I honestly wasn’t sure how much I’d use the app, but I’m happy to report it’s on the first page of my iPhone homescreen.

Harlow calls it my “Jonesy’s mama-woo magic.”

I would have to agree.


// 2 weeks old


I’m so excited to finally share these sweet moments of Jones and his new 4moms mamaRoo! (and psssst! I might just be giving one away today, too!)



// 6 weeks

mamaroo1 IMG_0781_2

// 7 weeks old

IMG_1288 IMG_1287 IMG_1284 IMG_1276  IMG_1272

// 10 weeks old


// 11 weeks old


and just a few days ago….

IMG_2511(this was the last day I used the infant insert….I was in denial about him getting too big for it, but I’ve come to terms.  You will probably be like me and procrastinate the removal of the newborn insert, because let’s face it: they grow out of that newborn title way. too. quickly.  But I’m happy to announce that he loves his mamaRoo just as much — if not more! — without it!)

So who would like to win a new 4moms mamaRoo!?

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This post was written in collaboration with 4moms.  All opinions are my own.