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I have been SO excited to share many of the ways that I love wearing Jones!

Oh, you noticed that I’m not exactly wearing Jonesy in these photos? Ha! It’s one of the perks of babysitting one of your best friend’s babies who also happens to be an amazing photographer: wrap baby Evie, snap a few photos, and I’ve got my hands free to care for Harlow and Jonesy too.  (Evie is about 3 weeks younger than Jones and about 5 million times smaller and I love it! It was so fun wearing this squish all morning!)

One of those ways I love wearing my babies?  The Happy Baby Wrap.  Happy Baby wraps are made from 100% organic bamboo and custom dyed in a myriad of colors and patterns.  I honestly don’t know how to describe how soft these wraps are…imagine your most soft, worn in and old t-shirt that you cannot part with because it’s like butter to wear.  Now multiply that times 10….or even a few more.  That soft.


Not only do I love these wraps because of the fabric and comfort, but I love the education and information they bring to moms at all “stages” of babywearing.  The Happy Baby Wrap allows for you to wrap first and then put your baby inside.  It is such a great way to learn!

I’m a huge advocate of getting babies out of carseats for errands and just life in general.  For one, carseats are heavy and my back can take about 1 minute of carrying Jones in it.  Secondly, why not seize every opportunity to snuggle and kiss that sweet baby head!  And third, you also have more space in your cart when you are wearing your little baby!  I could keep listing more reasons, but I’ll stop at three. ;) I love that the Happy Baby Wrap is small and easy to plop in a diaper bag.  It comes in a small bag with plenty of room to put it back in — don’t you hate when you have to fold something just right to get it back inside its carrying case?  Don’t worry about that with this wrap! Another thing I like to do is wrap it up before leaving the house.  Put on your Happy Baby Wrap, and then stuff your babe inside when you arrive at your destination!

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There are so many great resources on the Happy Baby Wrap website to educate you in the various ways this wrap can be worn.  It’s incredibly important to read the instructions — search YouTube if you learn well by watching videos!  I cannot stress enough the importance to wearing your baby high and snug in any type of baby carrier or wrap!

Always remember TICKS:

  • T: Tight
  • I: In view at all times
  • C: Close enough to kiss
  • K: Keep chin off chest
  • S: Supported Back

I find it really helpful to reach out to someone and get hands-on help.  Once you feel a correct carry, you’ll know if you have it wrong!



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