There is something about the birth of a baby that causes life to slow down and give pause.  In the changing of the family dynamic and the beautiful chaos of new life, there are the constants that are the glue holding life together.

The extra couch cuddles.  The love that multiplies and expands with new life and new moments.  The familiar view from my nursing spot.


Then all too quickly, the gears begin to shift as the new and learning calm becomes the busy norm.  Life picks up and small, yet special moments are passed for the next to-do on the list.

As our family gears up for a move to a city I’ve never even set foot in, I both fear and look forward to this “newborn-city” phase of life we are about to enter into.

The newness?  It excites me.  The unknown?  Terrifies me.  The constants?  Calm me.


I am preparing for the waves, knowing I will be caught off guard by the fierceness of the tide.

I am preparing for that new and learning calm, focusing on letting it linger longer than our society encourages.

I am focused on creating a calm and consistent norm instead of the business that is often tempting and available.

Throughout it all, my life is held together by the constants.


My life is when my people are with me and close.  Life is knowing they are with me in the unknown ahead.


My life is peeking in on naps.  Life is ignoring the to-do list and joining in.


My life is learning more each day from the love they share.


My life is kissing away the tears, rubbing backs and singing to sleep.  Life is embracing the days “nothing” gets done for the more important everythings that get accomplished instead.


My life is embracing the chaos when it hits, knowing its what I make of it that will be what lasts.  


My life is taking time for giggles and goof — never taking myself too seriously.  

As we step into the coming unknown, I want my daily choice to be joy.

Joy in the chaos, joy in the new, and joy in the constant moments.


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