Do you remember “Children’s Day”?  The holiday.  The one that kids made up —  I think — because they thought they could trick parents into giving them more gifts.  Children’s Day.  Geniuses.  Maybe it’s actually a real thing?

It definitely wasn’t something we celebrated growing up, but there was one Children’s Day when we did.  My parents had a surprise for us, and the timing just worked out.  So when I think about this surprise, I think about the random holiday: Children’s Day.

Is anyone even following me? Because I’m not really following myself. 

So this surprise.  My sisters and I were each handed an envelope.  Inside each envelope was a puzzle piece.

My older sister opened her envelope first.  The state of California.  Easy.  We’re going to California?!

Kaitlyn opened her envelope next — an airplane puzzle piece.  Oh GOOD. We are not driving from Wisconsin to California…..

My turn: a puzzle piece with Mickey Mouse.

My response: we are going to see…. a mouse???? Why???

Ha, guess I wasn’t the quickest in the bunch, but my parents still let me tag along to Disneyland. ;) I got the sweetest straw hat that I wore everywhere.  I should probably dig up old photos…. or I probably shouldn’t.


You know when you avoid someone because you know about the surprise birthday being thrown for them and it’s easier to avoid them than see them and not spill the beans?  Well, that’s kind of been me and the blog lately.  Whoops about this unplanned hiatus.  It was well, unplanned.

Life has been a wee bit crazy as of late, and when I sat down to write things, I would just stare at the screen instead because, well, I’m awful at keeping surprises quiet.

So here are your three clues:

the ocean.

the T.


some so so much ridiculous amounts of snow.


we are moving to Boston. 


….innnn about 3 weeks.  ohmygoodness that makes me nauseous because I need about 6 more.  It’s been a chaotic whirlwind of cleaning and packing and purging and showing and flying and cleaning and finding apartments and selling the house and being excited and crying every day because

every emotion. 

Pittsburgh is where I met Andy.  It’s become a home for me.  (Now I’m typing this through tears.)  Pittsburgh is where my babies have been born, and it’s where some of my dearest friends reside.  It’s home to our first apartment and first house.  It’s a place I adore like a friend — I used to get so lost, and now it’s a place I am so comfortable in.

Comfortable.  We all crave it, don’t we?  This whole move-to-a-city-I-have-visited-once thing (and happens to still be buried under way too much snow) is not comfortable.  If I’m honest with you all, I cry at least once a day.  Sometimes it’s from sheer exhaustion and sometimes it’s so many emotions I’m not sure if they are happy or sad.

I’m excited. I’m scared.  I’m nervous.

I am not really ready, but I’m ready to keep moving forward on this crazy adventure with Andy – whatever that means.  I am so proud of him and the position that is bringing us to Boston.  I am thankful for the forced change that comes from interrupting ruts and habits of every day life and freedom that comes from purging and giving away.

I am completely a fake adult, and I keep waiting for someone to say, “gotcha! Great job playing dress up, I’ll take it from here!” but that isn’t happening, and I’m excited for the calm after the chaos for Harlow and Jones.

There’s so much more to share and say — I’d love to say, “that’ll come this week!”  But in between the packing and details, I know these last weeks will be full of PEOPLE.  <– I need and want that.  I’m really great at pushing people away when I need them most, so just tell me to stop being dumb. ;)

thanks for being excited with us!  If you are local, expect hugs and tears.  I plan on wearing waterproof mascara from here on out because I have a feeling I’ll need it.


and if Boston could just please melt all the snow before we get there, that would be great. 


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