After arriving in the Boston area a few weeks ago, we were welcomed by a few warm days ….with quite a few chilly days sprinkled in.  I wasn’t sure if my definition of spring weather was just very different than New England spring? I was hoping for mornings a little warmer than high thirties and days that would squeak above sixty with full sunny skies, but we were hovering around 50 and windy. 


Someone then said to me, “Boston tends to skip right past Spring.  You’ll have a few warm days, the majority will be cold, and then overnight it starts getting hot every day and you’re ready for the beach.”

They couldn’t have been more correct. 

Well, until I look at the forecast for the upcoming week and we are back down to sixties…but I’ll take it!


Harlow’s been going to school two days a week — it’s a full day and she loves it!  She also comes home absolutely exhausted, which means the days following school days are full of pretty low-key mornings.  I could listen to Harlow’s imagination for hours, as she plays with her Play Mobil figures and creates castles for them with legos and Tegu blocks.  She incorporates her princesses with her nativity set — sometimes they all go watch a movie in the stable, followed by a ride in the ambulance.  It’s always highly entertaining.  

IMG_0399 IMG_0397 IMG_0396 IMG_0395


I’m usually up around 5:30 while Andy’s getting ready to hop on the train.  I enjoy my first cup of coffee while we tip-toe around the tiny apartment, pulling together a lunch for him or quietly emptying the dishwasher.  Usually I have a bit of downtime to read or jump in the shower before the kiddos wake up, but once they do, we all hang out in the living room/dining room/office ;) as I play zone defense keepings Jones from getting into Harlow’s figures ….and tumbling as he tries to let go and take a step on his own.  We usually have music playing and I’m downing my second (or third…) cup of coffee.  

This one morning, I decided I wanted to document what these mornings look like for us in this tiny space.  We don’t typically get this much light in the morning, so it was a rare treat that I couldn’t let pass by.  

IMG_0386 IMG_0390 IMG_0387IMG_0418

Even though most everything is still new around us, it’s comforting to have new “normals” finding their place.  I love realizing I know my way home, so I can turn off my GPS.  

I love hearing Harlow declare, “this is our new home, and I love it.”

So much good.



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