I haven’t shared much about our apartment hunt in the Boston area while we were packing up and tying up loose ends in Pittsburgh.  I had no idea where we should live or where to look.  I mean, I had a million suggestions from friends, cousins of co-workers and step-sisters of in-laws of other co-workers.  We had a lot of suggestions and “you guys just have to live here!” that was in the same breath awesomely helpful and completely paralyzing. 


We ended up finding a managed apartment building that fit a lot of the items on our list: access to public transportation for Andy, laundry in the unit, and I was able to snag it from Pittsburgh.  Well, I tried to, at least.  I spoke with the property manager about the only 2 bedroom apartment that was available…and as I was pressing submit to our deposit money and application….I learned that someone else had just clicked that pretty little button before I had. 


I had a good cry and then learned that he would hold a 1.5 bedroom apartment for us to look at when we came out to visit a month prior.  The “.5” being a small and door-less room considered an office that we could use as a bedroom.  We bought a blackout curtain and curtain rod before picking up our keys: hanging a curtain in the doorframe as we blew up airmattresses for that first night in our apartment.  

You know what? We love the small.  Anytime I mention looking at a new house or moving, Harlow gets said and declares, “but this is our house! I want to stay here forever!” 

I love that one of her favorite things about the apartment is that she gets to share a room with her brother.  It’s honestly gone so well, even though their room is pretty tiny.  The thing that was driving me crazy, however, was the mess of stuff and the unmade bed.  Harlow loves helping me make the bed, but making her twin bed that sat against a wall proved difficult. 

Enter Beddys

IMG_0963 IMG_0959 IMG_0966

Beddys is the most genius of companies, creating cute bedding that is not only comfortable and warm, but also so easy to use.  Harlow is so proud of making her bed all by herself — I love glancing in their little room and seeing it just a little more put together! 

IMG_0990  IMG_1011

The Beddys set (for a twin) consists of the bedding that fits over the mattress, a matching pillow case and decorative pillow case.  The inside of the bedding cover has super soft minky fabric.  It’s easy to wash and iron and can be zipped down on either side. The quilted design is continued down the sides, so it looks like a quilt tucked in around the bed edges when it’s zipped up for the day.  

IMG_0976  IMG_1001IMG_0971


Happy Wednesday!


thank you, Beddys, for sending this gift.  All opinions are my own. 

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