1. a thorough or dramatic change in one’s appearance, form, etc.

Most of us don’t go through life making drastic transformations overnight–growth is a process whether it is growing tall or wide.  Change is often subtle and slow: it goes unnoticed in the day-to-day even though it is constantly at work.


As our lives were turned upside down from packing and purging and moving to a city, I knew transformation would be inevitable: new location, new normals, new routine.  Ultimately we are the same people simply living in a new city, but all the newness provided the gift of a fresh start.  Andy and I spoke at length about the habits we wanted to develop further and the habits we wanted to leave with our old zip code.  We set a precedent from day one regarding how we managed and spent our time together and apart.

Since our move to Boston, I have seen beautiful transformation occur in all of us: a beautiful and thorough change.  

Our time spent together is more often and less rushed.  Our adventures are more frequent and intentional.  Work is present, but not controlling, and priorities have shifted.

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Motherhood changed me: it continues to change me.  Every day is full of teachable moments and if I’m being honest, I’m usually the one doing the learning.

And while yes, some of the transformation is physical–my arms shake a bit more when I wave and I usually look 6 months pregnant at the end of the day, to name a few–but the transformation I see most drastically is the one within.

My days are spent putting others needs before mine — in the moments I find it most difficult, I am brought face to face with my own selfishness and need for change.

Change is often subtle, yes, but I don’t want to skip ahead.  I want to maintain a pace that allows me to ache a bit with the growing pains.  I want to be aware of the transformation occurring both in me and in the members of my family.  I want to document the milestones, so that drastic change is noticed, yes, but if I had to choose, I want to be present and aware of the day-to-day subtleties even more.  I’ll forever be one who loves the gift of a new morning, new month, or new year, but I want to fall in bed each night knowing that I was intentional about being present for the day and whatever challenge of change it brought me.



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