It’s amazing how these little babies cause our material possessions to multiply exponentially.  I have a long list of “nice to have” baby things, but the truth is, I have a very short list of essentials.  Other than a lot of love and kisses and cuddles, babies don’t need a whole heck of a lot more.  

One thing that is on my shortlist?  . 

We are a proud pacifier family.  Harlow loved hers and Jones was a fan from the get-go.  I remember putting off using one with Harlow for a few weeks and then wondering WHY on earth I waited when she was all of a sudden so pleasant with that little thing in her mouth!  I learned my lesson, and Jones joined the pacifier club pretty early on.  We recently had the chance to try the new – they are trim and all one piece of silicone — and Jones loves them.  


Finding a great pacifier that works for your baby can be a difficult feat, but also one to rejoice over when it actually happens!  Especially when life doesn’t allow me to just sit and nurse for hours on end in the middle of the day, his  pacifiers have saved the day.  Another plus? I can buy them and other accessories at my favorite happy place: Target.  Let’s all do high kicks and happy dances together.  


 also has bottles that have given me the freedom to sneak away during a typical nursing session knowing Jones will take a bottle.  I love that the bottle’s design keeps Jones from swallowing a ton of air, and the is flexible and designed with breastfeeding moms in mind.  Double win.   

IMG_1116IMG_1102 IMG_1105

What items make it on your short list of essentials?  What’s your biggest “mother’s helper” that you recommend?

Happy Monday!


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