A month or so ago, my friend Audra texted me a photo of the most precious gift she had received for her son, Hugo.  Her friend, Jessica modified a puzzle in the cutest way with photos of Audra’s family!  Immediately, I thought: SCANNCUT! (duh.) and since we were heading to Minnesota to see my sweet nieces, Harlow and I picked out photos together to make a photo puzzle for them.  

It was the most perfect project for my ScanNCut machine and the most perfect project for Harlow to help me with.  She chose the photos and helped me decide what photo should go where.  She helped me trace the pieces and glue the photos down.  All in all, the project probably took about 30 minutes — after we had the photos picked and printed.  

Here is the puzzle I used!  But I plan on making more using this one, this one, or this one


See that cute quilt roll on the right?  See the magentic tic-tac-toe tutorial here

Follow along with the photos — I think it is pretty clear from the photos, but if not, leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to explain! 

IMG_0861 IMG_0862 IMG_0863 IMG_0865 IMG_0872 IMG_0873 IMG_0877 IMG_0878 IMG_0881 IMG_0886 IMG_0889 IMG_0891 IMG_0894 IMG_0896 IMG_0897 IMG_0899


Happy Thursday!  



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