Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was work in my dad’s woodworking shop in our basement.  He had a little desk for my sisters and I, where he would keep a bucket of scrap wood.  We’d paint and glue whatever we could — he still has a little “SHOP” sign (complete with pretty flowers, of course) that I made hanging up outside of his shop space in the basement.  

My love for wood and its beauty is almost genetic when you look at the history of wood-loving people in my family.  My grandpa is an amazing carpenter, carver and skilled artist when it comes to wood.  In his late 80s, he is still learning and trying new skills when it comes to his artistry.  Every time we come home, there is something new that he’s carved and built displayed in his home.  Growing up, my dad would build beautiful pieces for our home, including desks for all 3 of us girls.  I cannot wait to get mine out of storage and set up for Harlow in her new room!

My dad also made our kids a crib made from cherry wood.  He sent two panels to my grandpa to carve, which makes it even more special.  You see, this cherry wood isn’t just purchased from a local lumber yard, it is wood from the family farm on my dad’s side.  When trees were cut down, they were kept in their storage shed made for the wood — letting it dry and age, so it could be used to create.  

I love how timeless wood is — it can be passed down through the generations, usually becoming more beautiful with age.  

And speaking of time — see what I did there? ;) — creating a watch with links made of wood is right up there in the list of beautiful pieces of art created with wood. 

Enter, Wood Watches by JORD.  The minute I saw these watches, I was smitten.  When I opened up the box and tried it on?  They are more beautiful in person.  I wanted to share some outfit ideas with you all today, inspired by my JORD Wood Watch


Jord 1


// outfit one




I love navy, corals and red together, and I’d happily wear this outfit on repeat this summer.  I love hats, but I always feel too self-conscious to wear them.  Maybe that will be a new goal for this summer: learn how to wear hats confidently.  Ha!




// outfit two


The evenings here in New England still get decently chilly.  I mean, not cold, but not hot.  There is often a great breeze, and I’m most comfortable with a light weight button up and comfy jeans.  This would be the outfit I’d pair with an oversized JORD Wood Watch, for sure. 


jord 3 datenight


// outfit three



This look would definitely be my pick for a datenight.  Simple.  I love how your JORD Wood Watch can completely be the star of the outfit — especially when drawing attention to the same hand with a bright and bold clutch. 


Wondering where the name JORD comes from?  Jord, pronounced “yord” is swedish for earth, soil or land.  JORD’s mission and vision was (and is) to create a sustainable, modern and beautiful timepiece — keeping their designs simple and efficient.  Did I mention that JORD Wood Watches are self winding?  No need to get a new battery, ever.  And they also allow you to measure your write when ordering, so that your watch comes ready and sized for you.  

A conversation piece.  A masterpiece.  A timepiece.  JORD Wood Watches are really something else, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to share them with you today!



Harlow’s at “the cation Bible school” this week, so Jones and I are getting a lot of walks and errands done each morning.  It’s amazing how quickly errands can go when you’re only taking one kid in and out of a carseat.  Who knew.  




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