Y’all know we are huge fans of Rack Room Shoes over here.  I was so excited to finally step foot into a brick and mortar at a mall close by!  Ordering online is awesome, but sometimes perusing in person takes the cake.  

We’ve decided to homeschool Harlow next year for preschool – cue panic and fear in my eyes and another post for another time – so I’m excited to create little back to school traditions for us as we venture down this path.  Will we continue homeschooling?  Who knows.  I’m taking it one year day at a time.  


Harlow is definitely in an “let me do it, mommy” stage, and I love it.  I also can’t believe she’s not a baby anymore, so I’m constantly prying my hands open to let her grow and flourish.  Man, it’s so hard to loosen that grip!  I love that these Sperry shoes are so perfect for her to put on.  

She loves asking me, “this way?” to ensure she has her shoes on the correct feet, so we’ve made up a little saying to help her remember: pinky toe, velcro.  I love hearing her recite it as she goes to the closet to grab her shoes.  

I’m wearing these VANS just about every day — getting a lot of compliments on them too.  They are such a great shade of grey and go with just about everything!  Rack Room Shoes has shoes for the entire family — and you can’t beat their everyday “buy one get one 50% off” deal. 


For this back to school outfit, she’s sporting her bubblegum pink Sperry Hallies and her favorite dress.  It’s cute and simple, and both items pass the rigorous “comfy” test that Harlow puts every garment and shoe through.  

She’s one tough cookie!


I can’t write about our favorite Shoe place without sharing some of the amazing things they are doing!  Rack Room Shoes is raising funds for families in need through their yearly Shoes that Fit campaign.  This campaign provides new shoes to at-risk kids at the start of the school year.  

I love how easy Rack Room makes it to donate: simply donate when checking out in the store or donate online here. 100% of donations will be distributed locally where the shoes are purchased.  

Want to hear the best part?  Rack Room Shoes is matching 100% of all donations raised up to $300,000.  Yup.  $300k.  


Harlow’s pumped too.  There is such a need right outside our front door, and sometimes those needs are the easiest to ignore.  

Let’s get Rack Room Shoes to match the full $300,000.  You in?




This post was done in partnership with Rack Room Shoes.  All opinions are my own. 


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