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Writing about health has me with a bit of writer’s block.  Health: not exactly something I’m great about making a priority these days.  

I’m usually grabbing a handful of chips and hummus for lunch – maybe followed by scraps leftover from Harlow and Jones.  My meals are forgotten.  Workouts are few and far between.  2 pregnancies have done a number on my body, but I’m realizing that focusing on my health is so much more than fruits, veggies and breaking a sweat. 


I’m here at camp for the 26th year.  My cell phone reception is pretty spotty, and I kind of hope that is one thing that never changes about this place.  More time with each other and fewer distractions lead to memories made and cherished.

This year I am accompanied by not only my immediate family, but also in-laws and my sister’s in-laws.  Harlow and Jones attend class with the children of friends who have known me longer than just about anyone other than family.  

Having just moved to a new city, I have forgotten how refreshing it is to just be known.  To not be exhausted from every conversation, even when they are so good.   

I know this place isn’t “real life,” but I’m so thankful it’s a piece of my life.  

Health is taking care of the health of my heart, too. 

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It’s easy to notice when I’m not taking care of my body: my jeans fit a bit tighter, my skin looks more dull, my energy is lacking.  But an unhealthy heart begins to sneak up on me.  Feeding my heart is often the first thing to go on the “do tomorrow” list.  As a mom, my hope each night as my head hits the pillow is that my family has full hearts as their heads hit their own.  

Did they hear and see how much I love them?  

Did I tell them how special they are?

Did I spend enough time with each of them?

I want them confident of my love — I want them to be certain.  But how confident am I of my love for me?  Or even others love for me?  Am I so busy that I rush past their outpouring of love? Do I slow down to let my heart be filled?  

Being here this week is a reminder to slow down.  A reminder to let myself be loved so that my heart health becomes a priority in my life.  

When my heart is healthy, other things seem to fall into place.  I have the ability to love more deeply and receive love in a new way.  When my heart is healthy, I see more clearly the importance of healthiness in every facet of my life.

The beautiful thing though is that with each new day comes the opportunity to choose what to make the day.  Will I let my heart be filled, so that I can pour it out?

I know the saying often goes, “happy wife, happy life,” but I think the more accurate statement for me would be, “choose a healthy heart, for each day is a fresh start.”

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I’m signing off for the rest of the week.  You can read more about my love for this place in this post.  And the beauties in the photos with me are my older sister, Brianne and her sweet daughter, Myla.  My little sister, Kaitlyn took the photos.  Thank you, Sakura Bloom for this opportunity to once again slow down and reflect upon an aspect of my life that I would most likely gloss over.  //

I am wearing Sakura Bloom in Pink Sand.  Dress is StitchFix.

Bri is wearing Sakura Bloom Sea Glass.



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