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I can’t be the only one obsessed with things like Kickstarter and SharkTank, amirite?  There is something about people making huge sacrifices for something they believe in, and then seeing other people believe in the dream as well.  If I had to pick a favorite though, it would be Kickstarter.  

I’m not Mark Cuban or Lori Greiner.  I don’t have $300k to hand out to entrepreneurs, but I do have the ability to give up extra stuff at Target and some Starbucks drinks to join others in support.  Amazing how when many people come together numbers like $300k and more are attainable.

Pretty amazing and honestly? Pretty dang simple.


Today, I’d like to challenge you to head over to Kickstarter and see what The Parative Project is doing for women who have been trafficked, exploited and forced into labor.  What I love about these t-shirts is that they were designed to speak backwards as the founder, Drew, describes.  

The messages on these specific shirts are not for the consumer, nor the people who will see you wearing them (although of course we think you will love them too!).  Instead, we designed these shirts to speak to their maker.  The woman who is working to end the cycle of poverty for the generations after her.  The woman who is diligently fighting the ghosts of her past.  The woman who might need some encouragement to know she is remembered.  We know that a t-shirt isn’t going to erase everything that has happened to her, but like a greeting card can turn around someone’s day, these tees will serve as comfort and support to her.  As she works, she will read the messages, “You are loved” and “our freedom is tied together.”  So when the product she made is purchased, she will know that we believe in her freedom and want to help grow her business. 

The power of words.  It gives me chills.  The honor to be involved in something bigger than me. 



Harlow has something she wants to tell you!

You better believe we supported this Kickstarter project!  I can’t wait to see the final tote bag design: #nevertoomanybags is my life motto. ;) I kid.

But seriously.  Kid shirts are now available, and they are SO very close to meeting their goal.  Imagine if we all join in what can happen.

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