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You probably know by now how much I love taking Harlow’s artwork and using it to create something new.  If I kept every paper and card and creation, I would already have 10 file boxes filled — and that just can’t happen.  But finding a way to capture her current trends and special drawings and writing is something I love taking on as a challenge.  From Father’s Day Mugs to Dry Erase Placemats to Pen & Pencil “Duffle” Bags perfect for back to school!

All of the pieces of the bag are cut with the ScanNCut Machine — you could easily cut a big stack of pieces, and then have them ready to sew up as gifts or whenever a new one is needed.  I used a multipurpose cloth for my bag.  This fabric doesn’t fray, so I didn’t line it.  If you want to use a canvas material, I would serge the seams after you sew them! For the zipper, you would want to serge the top edge before attaching the zipper. 

Let’s get started!



ScanNCut Machine (ScanNCut 2 is available!! Lower price, loves. :)

Standard Mat

Fabric Support Sheet

Multipurpose Cloth or canvas

Zipper (12-14″)

Standard Blade

Iron-On Transfer Materials


Sewing machine and supplies


The first thing we will do is cut the pattern pieces from the multipurpose cloth.  You’ll need two sides pieces (rectangles) and two end pieces (circles).

You can download the file here, or use these measurements to create them from the basic built in designs and shapes. 

Side Pieces FCM & End Pieces FCM Download

Rectangles: *9.5 inches x 4.75 inches //  Circles: 3.5 inch diameter

*you can make the bag however long/short you’d like by increasing or decreasing this measurement.  Adjust zipper length accordingly.

After the duffle pieces have been cut, we will scan in the handwriting or drawing. 

my favorite cut settings:

// blade depth: 5

// blade pressure: 3

// speed: 1


Place the paper on a used Standard Mat.  I love keeping mats that are on their last leg for scanning computer paper — it sticks enough to keep it in place, but isn’t difficult to remove the paper either. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.55.00 AM

Place your Iron-On Transfer Material on your mat – be sure to place it glossy-side down and mirror your text to be cut.  

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.56.18 AM

my favorite cut settings:

// blade depth: 1

// blade pressure: 0

// speed: 1

Be sure you cut only through the Iron-On Material and not the glossy support.  Remove the negative material from your design. 


Place the text or drawing design on one of your side pieces – or both!  Using a piece of scrap fabric between the glossy support and the iron, press and hold the iron for about 30 seconds.  Be sure to follow the instructions for the Heat Applied Material you are using.  

IMG_1448 IMG_1449

Next, we will construct our bag! Line up the edge of your zipper tape and the top of one of the sides.  Place them right sides together and sew about 1/4″ from the edge.  


Press the seam open and topstitch. 


Repeat on the other side of the zipper and remaining bag side. 


Be sure to have your helper and artist near by!


Next, place right sides together, sew a 1/4″ seam along the bottom of the bag. 


Optional: I like to open the zipper and topstitch along the bottom seam of the bag as well.  It helps keep its shape and just looks nice!


Here is the trickiest part of the bag construction.  Line up the edge of a circle end piece with the bottom seam of the bag.  Place your sewing foot in place to sew a 1/4″ seam – forward and back stitch to lock the stitches in.  

Now as you sew slowly, continue matching up the edges as much as you can as you go.  


It’s a little bit awkward, but just keep bringing the edges together, sew a few stitches, repeat. 

IMG_0013_2 IMG_0016_2

You did it!  Now repeat on the other bag end – almost finished!

Be sure to open the zipper at least 3″ or so before sewing the second side.  You need to be able to turn the bag right-side out!

IMG_0017_2 IMG_0018_2 IMG_0019_2

And there you are!

IMG_1454 IMG_1495 IMG_1489 IMG_1498 IMG_1502PENCIl

Happy back to school days! 


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