Oh man.  Today’s 12 Days of ScanNCut day miiiiight just be my favorite!  I probably could have said that almost every day so far, but I tried to really filter that statement!  Haha, and since we are day 11 and this one is my favorite and only has one more day to compete with, it might take the cake!

I remember when I first heard that I could cut vinyl with my ScanNCut.  Vinyl? Why would I want to cut vinyl? I had no clue about adhesive vinyl, both temporary and permanent.  I had no idea I could create fake wallpaper (working on Jonesy’s room right now!), create beautiful labels or add decorations to, well, just about anything. ;)

My sister and I often joke (she is a fellow ScanNCut owner and fan) that if you’re getting frustrated cutting something else, just whip out some adhesive vinyl or heat applied vinyl — they always cut so beautifully!  You can get incredible detail too.  

IMG_3761 IMG_3786

Back in Pittsburgh, we had round spice jars with lids that slid on instead of twisting.  I knew as we were packing up to move that there was no way we could bring them with — well, we could have, but it was a good time to let them go.  ;) My mom found these great square glass containers, so when we moved into our home here, I ordered a bunch of them.  I’m definitely still building my spice collection, since purging in Pittsburgh and keeping it pretty trim in our apartment.  

But before we end up with Cumin in our waffles instead of Cinnamon…. I needed to get these babies labeled!  

I made my mom labels for her spice jars over the last few months.  We had a few spelling errors and forgotten spices that we needed to make later.  I still owe her a few, but that’s what is so awesome: it’s so easy to keep updating and creating with the ScanNCut and ScanNCut2.

And who doesn’t love pretty labels!  I know one of my goals for 2016 is to only keep things that have a home.  If something just keeps getting shifted around because it doesn’t have a specific place to call home, it’s probably going to go!  Labeling and creating spaces that are beautiful and tidy really motivate me to continue organizing my entire home!  Well, and my organizing genius of a mom. :) 

mom spices 2 mom spices

When cutting vinyl, you want to only cut through the vinyl sheet, not the backing.  I typically have my blade at a depth of 1-2 with a pressure of 0.  Be sure to run a test before cutting out all of your labels!

I also whipped up labels for our trash and recycling bins!

IMG_3741 IMG_3733 IMG_3740

And an address label for our front door!  See? I told you …..EVERYTHING! haha. 


And then of course the spice labels…  


….and the real-life behind the scenes of nabbing photos of them! 

IMG_3771 IMG_3775 IMG_3777 IMG_3768

My little helpers!  Harlow helped me transfer all the labels to the jars — I love involving her in projects.  I will be finishing these labels and posting a download of the cut file soon.  Let me know if there are specific spices that you’d like me to include!  

You can see the travel toiletry labels I made here! 

And cleaning labels here. :)


So tell me: what would you create with vinyl? 

Happy Friday!  And tomorrow is our last day of the 12 Days of ScanNCut2!  Get your entries in — I’ll be drawing the winner on the morning of 12/13!


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